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Recently my state allowed LPNs to flush PICC lines for the first time if your IV certified. I've read over the scope of practice for my state and what I'm reading is that it is strictly limited to flushes but my facility is insisting we can administer ATB since they come pre-set in a small medicine ball. All we do is attach (its already primed) to the PICC line and release the med and remove 60 minutes later. I'm really uncomfortable with this since I see no exceptions in our scope and we are a small building so sometimes there are no RNs available on the weekends. Any thoughts or experiences with this?

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Have you contacted your state's BON for clarification? They would be the best option to advise you.

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If you have been trained it should be fine but clarify before you do it. Where I work we can flush, access , heparin so flush and change dressings on a PICC line

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I would clarify. Here, an LPN, cannot touch a central line. It's going to vary from state to state, so your best bet is to call.

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It's going to vary from state to state, so your best bet is to call.
I totally agree. I practiced as an LVN in Texas, a state with a very wide open scope of practice. I managed central lines and administered IV antibiotics through PICCs as an LVN all the time.

Therefore, the board of nursing in the state where you work should provide you with the definitive answer to your question.

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Which state are you practicing in?