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Hi to all,

I hate to ask which may be a stupid question. . I started CRNA school 2 months ago and stated clinical rotations this past week. My worry is that I am physically not strong as other people. . .I weigh less than a hundred pounds and I was wondering if this is a great disadvantage especially for intubating. I missed my first intubation attempt, although the patient was 350lbs and classified as a class IV. I did see the vocal cords but when it came time to intubate, my grip (of the laryngoscope) got weaker and I lost my view of the glottis and cords!!

I am just worried that I may not do well with intubations because I am not strong enough. Help!! What do you all think or suggest?

new SRNA and worrying already!


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Relax and don't worry about missing your first intubation. I would recommend that you build up strength in that left arm but you do not have to be the HULK in order to be a CRNA!:roll


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we just had an airway lecture the other day and our instructor kept emphasizing the fact that oral tissues are delicate and that the blade is metal....metal always wins.. his point was that intubating is more technique that strength. that being said, ive done a few and you do need a at least some strength. i would suggest maybe working on your grip strength and forearm strength with one of those rubber ball things. but dont worry about it, ive seen very petite females intubate plenty of times. confidence...and keep up the good work.


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I truly agree with Gaspah (did I spell that right?)

It is truely technique, the strength will come with use, but technique is what get's the brass ring. I do not use that skill anymore but for about ten years of my life I worked with medic partners who preferred the IV insertions to the intubations (for the most part). It became apparent some of those intubations had to finnessed more than muscled. As they say the first is usually the worst (please don't ask me who THEY are)


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Thank you for all your comments. . .I did get a 5lb barbell and will be using it while studying!! Wish me luck!


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mabuy, ayos lang kung maliit ka. mayroon ang maraming malit na tao sa klase ko. at sinasabi ng mga guro namin na "passensa ka lang" balang araw makkaroon mo ng mga malalaking muscle sa braso mo". maputi ako. kumusta ba ang aking tagalog.



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please tell me that's a different lang and i didnt blow some circuits studying last night

:confused: :D


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nice one alansmith52. . .

I know what you're saying!

don't worry gaspassah, it is a different lang. . .you're not losing it! (yet??!!)


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I had asked my husband to translate since I was curious what Matt said. I'm a mestiza who never learned to speak tagalog.

Matt - how did you learn to speak tagalog? I want to learn by the time we go visit the Philippines after I graduate from school and my husband is not a good teacher.


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Hey Matt,

I saw that same language on the chem test while ago!


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Hey Matt,

Can't believe you speak Tagalog. I am impressed. I am Pinoy myself. Hey, Mitzi how you doing? I am starting CRNA next January at Jonesboro.


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good luck xigris!!

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