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I am interested in becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner because I just love working in the mental health field yet I am very interested in aesthetic's. I have been watching Youtube videos and I watched one with a FMNP who is an aesthetic nurse practitioner and she expressed she did FMNP because it was board. I was wondering if there are any psychiatric nurse practitioners who have dabbled in aesthetic nursing and if you had any difficulty getting into the field?

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Hi I can't help with your question sorry but just wanted to say that I love watching Youtube videos by aesthetic nurses too (though there isn't very many) what's the name of the channel of the FNP you watched?

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That's out of my scope of practice...the training of psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners does not include aesthetics. You can go to additional classes and get certified but I'm not sure that I would ever want to. You would have to have a delegating physician for example with expertise in what you are practicing in so he/she can provide appropriate guidance. If you were to open up an aesthetics shop as a PMHNP who would be your delegating physician? Would you also be doing work as a mental health nurse practitioner as well? If you chose a doctor to be your delegating who specializes in family medicine- how much experience does he/she have in aesthetics? How much experience does he/she have in psychiatry? Are you allowed to have multiple delegating physicians per your states rules-one for your aesthetics practice and another who specializes in psychiatry? Think about the practicality of this endeavor.

When there's a will there's a way hunnie! An NP is an NP. Plenty of RNs work in aesthetics! Of course you can work in the aesthetics specialty as a PMHNP! You just need to get extra certifications but so would a FNP! Find a reputable school and start out by taking intro to dermal fillers and neurotoxins! Ask about your specific states laws regarding oversight and of course insurance. YOU CAN 100% do it !!

I'm so happy I ran across this post.  I am a Psych RN that is starting my PMHNP program this Summer however I am also interested in aesthetic nursing.  I would be looking to go to get the aesthetic certifications after I finish my Masters.

Good luck to you!


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Hi, I do not have any experience myself but my dermatologist who is an FNP also does psych. She just opened her own dermatology clinic and she told me that she worked as an aesthetic nurse before opening her own practice. She said that she chose the FNP route bc it is so broad and it allowed her to also work as a psych NP. She does both, so it is possible. Just exactly how you get to that point may be very challenging but it’s doable!

Hi @allison baidoo! I am on the same boat with similar Interests. Did you start a program ? Would love to connect :)

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