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Specializes in CVS, Heart/Lung Transplant.

I graduate with my FNP, DNP in May 2023. I have always had an interested in aesthetics and dermatology however, I am currently in my specialty rotation at a derm clinic and I find myself questioning if this is what I want to specialize in as a future NP. Anyone a NP in aesthetics and derm with feedback if they are happy with their choice to specialize in these divisions? 

My RN background is critical care, cardiac surgery, and heart and lung transplants. Thanks all!

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I’m a RN first assist in plastics and I am working towards my NP, but my coworker who is a NP and specializes in non surgical aesthetics stuff (botox filler etc) LOVES her job and based on hours worked makes our office $1600 an hour and gets a percentage of that.…and no that is not a typo. So it’s kinda hard to not like your field when you have the potential to make that kind of money haha. 

Specializes in CVS, Heart/Lung Transplant.

Dang, can't be mad at that I guess. Thanks for your response! Good luck on your NP journey!

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