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Aesthetic RN vs Aesthetic NP

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I am a RN with a BSN that has a background in NICU and PACU outpatient surgery. I am extremely interested in aesthetics and I am debating if I should get into the field as a RN and gain experience first (I've seen RN's open their own injectables practice and make bank but I've also heard that RN's that work at a medspa is a dog eat dog world and is commission-based) OR just go back to school and start my aesthetics career as a FNP?

In addition, I am debating on whether to go the MSN or DNP route? I know the MSN is obviously much cheaper and can start practicing as a NP sooner but it is said that a DNP will be the new criteria come 2025 so I'd like to just be smart on what route I take. Also, if any FNP's know of any good/reasonably priced programs that would be amazing! ANY advice, suggestions, comments are greatly appreciated!!

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I think that you should start as a RN and get experience. It will make it a lot easier to get a job once you get you NP. I’m neither so I’m not really qualified to give advice but I have noticed that when I look for the jobs most places are asking for RN (very few asking for NP)...probably because it’s cheaper to pay a RN than a NP.

I hope more people respond to this post. I have the exact some questions and you put all my thoughts in to perfect words.

Aesthetic RN here, the switch has been to NP as all patients need a medical eval before being prescribed a treatment plan. Injecting Botox or Filler without an eval can be considered practicing medicine. Whatever you do, follow your states guideline and practice within your scope. Many facilities will pressure you to inject without a provider pre-eval because it’s all easy money for them, but always advocate for patient safety and your license!! With your NP you don’t have to worry about this but some facilities don’t want to pay an NP to do the skill an RN can do. Good luck!