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Hey Everyone!

I'm getting excited and nervous about this weekend! I signed up for a phlebotomy certification course and it's this Saturday and Sunday. I decided to take this workshop because sticking people is one of my biggest "fears" about nursing and I just want to get it over with! We finish up the workshop with live draws...Yikes!!! :eek: I'm not sure if I'm more nervous about sticking somebody or being stuck by somebody else who doesn't know what they're doing! :D

I'm quitting my job in August and I figured being a phlebotomist along with my CNA would help...and maybe open up a few more doors...

Has anybody else taken a weekend seminar for phlebotomy? If so, what was it like? Thanks!



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i havent taken a seminar but i am taking a 7 week course. just had my secondclass today. i hope you will enjoy the seminar and learn alot. Good Luck!


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I took a class at the hospital here on base while I was a volunteer. I had to do at least 50 successful sticks before I was allowed to take the test. The first few sticks were done on military people that worked in the lab. That helped to reduce the stress becuase they had been in the same position of learning. Make sure to listen to the patient. Most of the time they will know not only which vein is best to use, but also which needle. There are lots of things to remember, but it isn't too hard. Also be sure to use safety precautions with the needles to avoid sticking yourself. I am sure you will do fine. Let us know how it goes.

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"Do what you fear the most".

This will only be a help to you in the future. Before long, you'll be saying.."now just what did I think was so hard about THIS?" :)


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Anyone know of any quick classes like this in Indiana?


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Originally posted by tonicareer

Anyone know of any quick classes like this in Indiana?

I PM'd you with the link to the company that I'm using. They have workshops all over the place.



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can you PM me that website too? sounds like just what I need


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I took a 4 hour class in phlebotomy when I started working in the ER. It takes a whil eto get the hang of it, but one thing: don't ever let them know you are new and don't know what you are doing. Someone here gave me the greatest advice tht I actually used and helped put someone at ease: when they ask if you've done this before, say "we do this all the time!". See, you haven't lied, but haven't scared the pants off them, either. :) Asking where they usually get blood drawn has been very helpful to me as well. Good luck and congrats! It's a great skill to have.


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Originally posted by Mrs.Yost

can you PM me that website too? sounds like just what I need

Yup! I sent it to you.

Jen, thanks for the tips! Unfortunately in class...we all know that we don't know what we're doing! LOL! :D



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Could you also pm the website please....thanks!!


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OK...check your PM's...I've sent them. :)



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Bean, I hate to bother you. :) But, could you please PM it to me too? Thanks!!

Lisa :)

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