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pharmacology test/interview Beth Israel in Brooklyn or Manhattan

puka puka (New) New

Please guys, please help me. Anyone recently took pharm. test in Beth Israel Hospital in Brooklyn or Manhattan? I am not a good test taker. Please tell me the specifics. The paper that they gave me has too many medications and I will not be able to remember all of them.

What position are you interviewing for? I didn't take their pharm exam but I would review the basics. I took a few hospital pharm exams and be prepared for med calc, insulin, digoxin, heparin, coumadin.... even if u don't know the answer just remember to pick whatever could be a safety hazard. Good luck. Also search on the site. I'm sure someone posted about the Beth Israel pharm exam

Thank you for the basic info. I searched the site, few people asked the same question but there were no answers.

Anybody else can help me?

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I didn't take an exam for Beth Israel. I work at a city hospital in Brooklyn. NYCRN92 gave you good information. Focus on the most common meds and what alerts and side effects they have. Also look in your NCLEX study book at the pharmacology section. As to why someone has not given you all the info thats on the exam yet....1) It is hard to remember every single question on an exam and 2) not fair to people who took or will take the exam without them getting exact info of what is on the exam.

Fair enough. Thank you.

anyone get that Pharm info?


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