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Hi I am currently taking Pharmacology in nursing school and would like to know any good books or links I can use in my current course work.

thanks for any help in advance.


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I can always recomend the Incredibly Easy series. Just another way to look at the information. I also just got a look at the Nursing Memory Notebook series phamacology book. If you are a visual learner you may look into that.

Good luck!

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here's a whole bunch of links for you, kiddo. a couple of them contain more than just drug information. i also included, at the end, a site which is a tutorial for nusing students on doing drug calculations (wasn't sure that was part of your course, but you'll find it useful when you have to start doing calculations!)

principles of pharmacology:

specific drug information:

drug dosage calculations:

drug errors:

Here is a link that I put up on the forum (a month or so ago) to copies of the study guides that I made when I took Pharm last term...

I also bought the mosby memory notebook series for pharmacology as well and loved it.


mosby's pharmacology memory note cards is very good

small book but to the point

it is very good

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Other Excellent Medication Resources

Drug Monographs - simply click on each one, to review information. Many critical care drugs, from abciximab to zoledronic acid.

Drug Classifications/ Profiles

Naturals/ Herbals

Psychotropic Drugs

Drug of the Week

Prentice Hall's Drug of the Month

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Awesome video and resource:

Preventing Medication Errors

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other useful sites for people taking pharmacology:

  • - the home page for you can search for specific drugs (uses, or chose the drug table button to get lists of medications arranged by categories. clicking on the iv dilutions button takes you into specific information on what solutions and how much of them to mix various piggyback medications into. clicking on the infectious disease button takes you to an infectious disease database arranged by disease which give you listings of antibiotic choices that can be used for treatment. there are a number of medical calculators here including one to calculate drip rates on some of the commonly used icu medications. there are also links to a video library.
  • - study guides
  • - quizes on drug classifications and uses

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here is another helpful link. this is a site that will help you make and print out your own medication drug cards. you have to register to get into the constructor, but it is free. just don't forget the password the site gives you! play around with it a little to get the hang of how the constructor works. i found that i lost data if i went back to add something i had forgotten to a previous page of information. i also was able to shrink the final card i made down to a size i wanted to print it. have fun!

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information on commonly used ob drugs: - a huge list of medications you can link to for information. contains a lot of commonly used ob/gyn medications. from a military source for ob/gyn

medical and nursing errors: - agency for healthcare research and quality, morbidity & mortality rounds. at this site you can read about specific medical and nursing errors that have been reported in their case archives.

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I reccomend if you are using an evolve/elsvier book to get onto their website it's great. They have little thing that summarized the chapter and practice questions that really help prepare you.

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