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so i guess, i'm better off buying a palm based PDA rather than getting the pocket pc type huh? thanks for the info !
Not sure check out the site first . Then decide . I just know I have a palm (given to me as a gift ) and was turned on to epocrites by a doctor. You may be able to get it to a pocket pc. I did not investigate .

here is the site

Don't be confused by it. When you first sign up it is for a trial.....if you decide not to *keep it* you still get the PDR free. It updates weekly and also gives the formularies for each state and payer sources.

Check it out first then you decide ok?

Good Luck :nurse:



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The Dell Handhelds also run epocrates.

A nice tool for the classroom, because you can share notes with your study partners via infrared transmission.

Thanks for the info guys !!

I thought that u couldn't use epocrates with pocket pc's, but i guess i was wrong. I'am going to purchase the new dell axim 624 mhz PDA, hopefully it won't obsolete in 3 weeks .. :rotfl:

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We have two weeding out classes at my nursing school Pathophysiology and Pharm. A lot of programs have their own weeding out classes.



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UT Austin uses Pharm as a pre-req as well. It's pretty difficult here. I thought the most difficult thing about it was that you have no context into which you can apply what you're learning. So essentially you just end up forcing yourself to memorize drugs that you won't see or pass for another semester. Best of luck.



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I took Microbiology at HCC as Micro 2421, they do not consider it to be Medical Microbiology. You have to retake it at CyFair. I decided not to attend the school because they are pulling that on me for four different classes. I would battle the pharm class and go for HCC. I am going to talk to someone next week probably see you in pharm class this fall.



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Yes I am afraid they are from around here . Some are from Hill , others from Dallas , Concorde ....some from out of state . A few from the south . I fear due to the nursing shortage the standards and quality of nurses have been affected .

For instance , I am a nurse supervisor in a large LTC , rehab , wellness and med surg facility . I am amazed at the new nurses who we hire (and let go with-in their 90 days ) due to their attitudes . They seem to think just coming to work is enough . Even though they are given orientation which includes P & P and expectations , they have the nerve to have cell phones to their ears , shrug at patients telling them " I don't know " , or going further to tell their supervisor they are "here to learn".

They haven't an ounce of professionalism in them .

They don't understand chain of command i.e. L.V.N. , R.N. , N.P. , P.A. , Doctor. etc.

The concept of * patient advocate * is a foreign statement .

Please be of the best standards you can be , we need all the help we can get , but we will not take just anyone . :nurse:

I sure hate to hear that. I went to a great school. NTCC in Mt. Pleasant. (Northeast Texas Community College) My instructors would hunt me down til my dying day if I acted like that. Our classes weren't easy by no means. We had to have a 75 or we got an F and dismissed from the program. I'm glad they were tough on us though, because they prepared me for the toughness of the workplace. The nurses where I work always ask me, where did u work at before? when i tell them i've only been a nurse for 3 mths they are shocked. They say I act like I've been doing this forever. I chalk that up to a great nursing education and staff and that i love doing what I do.

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