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The Present Moment

The present moment is an esoteric concept when considered from a contemplative purview, however is one of the most simplistic and liberating feelings when actualized in our day to day lives. Mindfulness, presence, spiritual enlightenment are all synonymous with relinquishing the Ego, and submitting to the inevitabilities of each moment as they as us by. The totality of each moment experienced as it is, and all that is can be reconciled for what it is, no more or no less. The mind, in its most acute state of awareness, unshackled from the unnecessary dead weight and mind tricks or self-sabotage, can truly bear witness to the luminous beauty that our reality of Self and Self & Other can afford us. 


We experience brief moments in which we are fully present. A feeling consisting of pure ecstasy and love. Like those moments where you are alone, in nature, and you stare at a field of trees or dense forest, and you begin to comprehend the beauty before you. You think about the still image in front of you, and you have no words to describe the feeling that it elicits. The very Thinghood or Isness of the vast field or dense landscape evades your concept of time and space for a brief moment. You then begin to feel a warm cloak of love wrap itself around your heart and you appreciate the life that you have been able to lead and you become fascinated with what is to come. This is true presence in its naked form.  


It is imperative that we do not get lost in the appearance of occupation or status. Our actions must not be viewed as a means to an end. Rather a means to new beginnings for ourselves and our patients. We must be equipped to bear the burdens of others. Our minds must be clear, and pointed narrowly to acute remedy and the promotion of actualization tantamount to the “good life”. We must be at peace with ourselves in order to balance the scales of order and chaos. And most of all, we must love ourselves for the very reasons that we are loved by others. We must be present, as all that matters is the present moment.

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I think I had that very same conversation in 1972.

It was weird then and it is weird now.

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Thank you, Mbar- I needed to read your post at this point in my life.

'It is imperative that we do not get lost in the appearance of an occupation or a status."

This statement, and your entire concept, was true when I was working under the stress of being a nurse, and is true now that I'm retired. We must look ahead, but live in the now, and appreciate the- realize the validity- of the now.

  My older brother and I reconnected after years of estrangement, a few months before his death, and at one time discussed that the only thing we can truly possess is the moment.

This concept gave us both some peace.

Thanks again, Mbar.

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