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Ah, working in ER, you should have a pretty good basis for knowing what, in your personal life, deems an ER visit.

My kid sustained and impact injury last night, to her pinky. Bruising, swelling. No deformity. Of course after office hours because that's life.

Did everything at home that would have been done in ER besides xr.

Went to school today. Called to make appointment for doc for xr. The receptionist was appalled that I sent her to school......... *face palm*

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Ha! I gave my son liquid Benadryl on the night after he had his tonsils out...thought it was liquid Tylenol....bad, bad mommy moment right there! :facepalm:


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Shoot, my mum didn't take me to the doctor for nearly three weeks when I had impetigo, and it covered over 50% of my body. She kept bringing creams from the OR..........

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My kid knows that if blood isn't spurting or if the bone's not exposed, he won't be going to the emergency room!

Poor kid....

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