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I am an ER nurse working on my BSN. Right now I am taking an evidence-based nursing class and my last paper has to be about a perioperative procedure that should be changed or has recently been changed. Can anyone think of a procedure that needs changing or one that was recently changed for the better? I would greatly appreciate any and all help. Thank you.


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One that comes to mind is preoperative hair removal and the move away from the use of razors to remove hair, to using clippers which has found found to decrease the risk of SSI.


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Changing prep solutions from betadine products to mostly using chloraprep and solutions like it.


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Thanks for your input guys, it is very helpful!!:)

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If you are talking about surgical procedures, a new way of doing glossectomies has now been converted to robotics. Also, some bariatric surgeons have been taking a new "one incision" approach to laparoscopic gastric bypass. I am unsure if this is what you are looking for, but these are only a few changes in recent months as to surgical approaches. Hope it helps.


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Must be the same class, I am taking. That is the assignment I am just starting. One more class closer to graduating