Percentages on practice quizzes?

Nursing Students NCLEX


I am in my last semester of nursing school (just started this week). FOr my nursing program we have to do 100 NCLEX style q's per week. I used my Davis Review book CD.

The first quiz I got a 50% (I did 50 q's), second quiz, I got 64% (I did 100q's). I realize I have a whole semester of material to learn (psych, neuro, ortho and management), and I just started doing these review questions, but I am getting more and more nervous! I am an A/B student, but I feel really dumb when I do NCLEX questions.

What % is good to aim for on these practice quizzes? Tell me these questions will get easier :uhoh3:

Be concerned with your own judgement about whether or not you know the material. Predictor quizzes or tests are known for being unreliable when trying to predict test success.

Thank you. I feel like I know the material we have studied so far...I tend to do poorly on the select all that apply q's and the prioritization. I guess that is something to focus on practicing.

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