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  1. dawn.b-RN

    I don't like dead people

    THank you all for the kind words and good advice. It is TRULY appreciated!!:redbeathe Yes, we have to notify the Sheriff and Coroner of ANY death and they will let us know if we can pull anything or leave them as they are....so in some cases the care might not be as detailed.
  2. dawn.b-RN

    I don't like dead people

    Maybe it would be to my advantage during my orientation to ask to help with post mortem care IF the situation arises with another RN's patient. Maybe to get a little more used to the idea. yes, seeing dead family members, blue, especially parents when you're a child is disturbing in my opinion and experience.
  3. dawn.b-RN

    I don't like dead people

    I will be on a tele unit with some step down patients (I am not experienced enough to get any step down). This unit has the most codes typically.
  4. dawn.b-RN

    I don't like dead people

    well, yes, I don't mean that in a bad way...I am just scared. I know it sounds stupid to the experienced Rn's and pct's, etc...but I get anxious thinking about it.
  5. dawn.b-RN

    I don't like dead people

    How do I get over this! I am already nervous about being a new Rn, starting a new job this week and now I can't stop thinking about someone dying on me and me having to do post-mortem care!? I think this allllll goes back to when i was 13 and my mom died very suddenly and unexpectedly and we were brought to see her body at the ER and it was too much for me to see at that age...I think I'm scarred for life....and scared now. How can I get over this fear?!?!?!
  6. dawn.b-RN

    First day of First RN job this week-nervous

    THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have spent the day studying cardiac meds...I just feel like I should study something! Two more days to mentally prep myself!
  7. I got very fortunate to have landed a days tele job at a hospital I did a student-internship at. I am fairly familiar with the facility, some of the paperwork, charting, etc. I just finished the general nursing orienation yesterday. Wednesday is my first day on the floor with my preceptor. We'll do 12's. We use RN educators who make our schedules and kinda "assign" us...by that I mean on my schedule, she wrote, day one- 1 pt, day two-2 pt, day 2-2 pt, etc.... BUT seeing as it's my very first day on the floor I have to set up my pyxis access (which i need help with) and make sure all my log in's work, etc. I wish they would've had us do that last week?!?!? I've never started an IV (our program didn't teach this), never inserted a foley, never changed a central line dressing, etc....I feel like I'm already behind and I havent' even started yet! Is it normal to feel so nervous!!??? Any advice for the first day for a new grad, new RN?
  8. dawn.b-RN

    Fired from my first job today......Feeling like a failure.

    I'm sorry! That has to be hard. My other question is do you not have your FB privacy settings adjusted? Mine is set so NO ONE who I'm not "Friends" with can see ANYTHING of mine. If you plan to keep your FB I would suggest making it private...and of course, only vent to people face to face...or here I am starting my first job on a tele floor in mid-Feb and I am petrified.
  9. dawn.b-RN

    I got hired...and I'm scared!

    I graduated mid-December...took NCLEX January 18th, passed, had a job interview on Monday, got the job offer yesterday. I was "in" already because they had a student internship program I did participate in....so that helped. But let me tell you, I AM SCARED!!! The job is cardiac telemetry. The floor is always crazy. I feel like I need to study something to prep. Any advice? The other odd thing is they could only hire me as PTR, so 48 hours per pay period, but since I had told them I wanted/needed full time hours, they told me I'd have no issue picking up a 12, so ok, fine. BUT, I asked if my orientation would be 2 days per week for 12 weeks or if I'd get to orient 3 days per week for 12 weeks and the manager thought it was just 2 days per week...I feel like losing a full 12 days of orientation for a new grad is a lot of time lost AM I wrong in thinking this?
  10. dawn.b-RN

    ACLS online or in class for CA?

    I believe you have to do it in a class in a live setting because when I took it we had to run a code and use the manequin and do CPR, and analyze his rhythm's etc...you had to pass all this to get your card (AHA card). Personally for me, I read most of the book before class and it was not making sense...the actual classroom instruction made it crystal clear to me. GOod luck!
  11. dawn.b-RN

    Interview on Monday...HELP!

    Cardiac Telemetry Unit
  12. dawn.b-RN

    Interview on Monday...HELP!

    Thank you! I realized reading my own quotes that I am being totally negative about this! Yes, I actually enjoy talking to patients, holding their hand if they need it. I AM a GREAT listener. I genuinely CARE about people. I do like teaching patients about meds, diet changes, disease process, etc. Those are strengths I think! I do enjoy a fast paced day (although I feel like NOW as a new grad that's scary, but I have to realize I will not be on my own immediately). I did get my instructor to write me a letter of rec. and picked it up today I think my boss (who works at the same hospital) will be more than happy to write me one Monday morning...good thing my interview isn't until 12:30 and the nurse I worked with for my internship *said* she'd write me a letter...so far I've gotten nothing from her, but I suppose as long as I have two it's better than zero or one right? I NEED to be positive!
  13. dawn.b-RN

    Interview on Monday...HELP!

    I just found out I passed NCLEX yesterday...amen. I am a student nurse intern (not graduate intern program) here at a hospital. So, there were 10 of us hired as interns. I was the first to graduate and I called the nurse recruiter as he told me to let him know when I pass. He set up an interview on MONDAY...today is FRIDAY and he wants me to bring letters of recommendation...which is hard to get a hold of people on a Friday afternoon to bring letters on Monday The other issue...it's a CTU...NOT my favorite unit, at all...but not the worst and right now a job is a job is a job. They want reasons why I think I'd fit in well on a CTU? I don't know how to respond to these types of questions We only had about 4 days of clinicals in a CTU and the hospital I was at would only let us take 1 patient at a time...the lady I had really should've been a general patient...so really that experience was pretty much useless. Idk...Any advice? How do I sell myself for a position I feel slightly uncomfortable in. I am ACLS certified, so I suppose that helps, slightly.
  14. dawn.b-RN

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    So, it was right for me, I got my quick results and PASSED! Take that SATA q's!
  15. dawn.b-RN

    I passed with 18 Select all that apply!

    I took mine yesterday and I swear I had at least 20 SATA. Mine varied from being content based, to interventions, etc. They were all hard, and all different...PVT says pass for me. I won't believe it til tomorrow.