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percentage of psych+maternity+pharm on nclex

hey. Im taking my nclex in about a week for the first time and have take the kaplan review course. I feel like Im in OK shape for the test but I am still nervouse about my weak areas: maternity, psych, and pharm. I wanted to get an idea from others about what I should concentrate on depending on which of these topics the nclex concentrates on. I know the questions vary for each individual taking but if u were in my shoes with a week left ps i have barely touched psych , touched maternity a little in the kaplan book, and have reviewed pharm but am still not confident with either of these any advice would be appreciated..thx


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There is no way to predict what types of questions you will receive. You just have to do your best to prepare for any possibility. Good luck.

JbreezyRN specializes in LTC/Pediatrics.

I agree with caliotter, there is no way you can predict. I took my first nclex and had mostly ob/peds which I didn't studied on... I failed. Brush on everything and know at least the very common ones!


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