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  1. by   nvitkuske
    I still haven't recieved my acceptance packet, has anyone else? I'm not sure how much tution would be for out of state, i'm sorry. Does the acceptance packet say anything about when orientation is? Thanks
  2. by   mmw90
    nvitkuske, check this webpage for tuition prices Office of the Bursar. Also I have already received my packet a few weeks ago, and there was a general orientation two weekends ago. Still haven't received my nursing packet, but that should be here fairly soon. I spoke with Dr. Kuhn via email a while back and she had said the packets were to be mailed out at the end of march. Have you received anything about your acceptance?
  3. by   nvitkuske
    mmw90, all I have recieved so far was my letter of acceptance back in February, nothing else. This worries me a little bit that I never recieved a packet. Did you attend the general orientation? I did not know about it so I didn't attend, hope this is ok. When I talked to ***** she said the same thing to me, that we should expect more information in the mail at the end of march/early april so I guess we still have some time. I'm just so excited and anxious to get started, plus I need to find an apartment! Do you go to Penn State?
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  4. by   mmw90
    No I don't actually, I'm a transfer student coming from El Paso Texas, due to my husband leaving the Army. But I currently live in Pleasant Gap, PA. I will be commuting so I really hope to meet some other's commuting from the state college/bellefonte area so we can carpool. I'm extremely anxious to get things started too, I just feel so behind because I don't have a PSU I.D. or email yet. Hopefully we will be getting our packet this week! Fingers crossed for us! lol
  5. by   jennyy
    congrats you guys! do you mind if i ask what everyones GPA/prereq GPA was?
  6. by   nvitkuske
    mmw90, If I am not able to find an apartment or roommate in Altonna I would probably be commuting everyday and possibly be able to carpool with you! As soon as we get our packets we will know more about the program and feel less behind. I really want to try and meet people before the program starts, maybe at orientation! Can't wait to get started
  7. by   mmw99
    Yes I can't wait to meet some others in our program!

    P.S. I'm mmw90 but somehow I've been locked out and it won't allow me to reset my password :/
  8. by   mmw99
    Has anyone gotten their nursing packet yet? Still patiently(or attempting to be patient) waiting.
  9. by   nvitkuske
    So I still have not recieved any sort of packet for the nursing program. All I recieved so far was my letter of acceptance, I'm starting to get worried that I haven't recieved anything yet....
  10. by   mmw99
    I'm a little anxious too. Mail just came, nothing again :/ I don't want to be a pest and email the nursing dept again so I'm just eagerly waiting. Ugh I hope something comes soon! lol
  11. by   mmw99
    I got my nursing packet in the mail today! It was postmarked April 12th so be on the lookout everyone!
  12. by   nvitkuske
    I also just got mine over the weekened! There is so much stuff we have to do before we begin it looks kind of confusing.
  13. by   mmw99
    Yes it does! I emailed Dr. **** this morning because I'm a transfer student and haven't scheduled classes as of yet. Hopefully I'll hear back soon. Have you scheduled yet?
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