Which school would you choose?

  1. If anyone has attended Thomas Jefferson University FACT program or Drexels ACE BSN nursing program, can you give me some pro's or con's of these programs. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
  4. by   Chris S.
    Hey Soccer - Have you heard back from Drexel yet? Am still waiting and wondering if anyone else has gotten the letter........Thanks!
  5. by   soccer
    Hi Chris,

    I just got my acceptance letter on Saturday. I hope yours will be coming soon!
  6. by   lc3
    Hi Soccer,

    Congrats on your acceptance to Drexel! I was just curious would you mind sharing your GPA? I know Drexel only accepts based on GPA and I was wondering if I have a chance. I have a 3.52 and 2 more classes to take: Ethics and Speech. Do they accept those who are not finished with their requirements?

  7. by   soccer
    Hi lc3,
    I had a 3.7 GPA. I know Drexel will accept you if you haven't finished your pre-req's, but you must be able to complete them by the start date of the program. I hope this helps.
  8. by   Chris S.
    Congratulations!!! Does your posting mean that you were accepted to Jeff too? I only applied to Drexel, so hopefully I'll know one way or the other soon. Best of luck wherever you decide to go!:spin:
  9. by   soccer
    I was also accepted to TJU. I am so surprised to get into both schools. I know that I have worked my tail off for the past year. Finally,all my hardwork has paid off! I wish you the best of luck with Drexel! It sucks waiting!
  10. by   lc3
    Hey Soccer,

    For Drexel they only need transcripts and your online application?

  11. by   soccer
    Well, its not recommended you turn in an essay and or recommendations. I chose to do both, so this way it showed how serious I was about going to their school. It can't hurt you to do more. I hope this helped?
  12. by   LUXOR21
    TJU FACT and Drexel ACE program are 2 of the best. FYI--TJU accepts applications for a full tuition scholarship. You may be interested in that and the deadline is sometime in April. Applicants are notified in May. Good luck.
  13. by   Proverbs 16:3
    you probably want to ask someone how crazy jeff's prgm is cuz drexel is just craziness in its purest form. I'm only surviving by God's grace.
  14. by   ohioln
    Hahnemann University and La Salle University are good schools too. La Salle used to only have a BSN program, now they have a 2 year program to start nursing.