Which is the best hospital to work for in Chester County?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am jumping a little ahead of the gun here as I just began clinicals at DCCC/CCH this year. But I have been reading on other thread that LTC is considered the kiss of death, that I won't be able to find any hospital work at all if I sign on with an LTC first. Also that some specialties are very hard to get into (clicquish or clannish is the word I've seen).

    I would really like to work with babies and children but willing to work in any department except gerontology/geriatrics.

    So...which of these hospitals do you consider the best?
    1. Chester County Hospital
    2. Phoenixville Hospital
    3. Brandywine Hospital
    4. Paoli Hospital
    5. Any other hospital I just don't know about

    Does anyone have any recommendations? Or advice? I am very appreciative of anything anyone would want to share.

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  3. by   chester427
    I work at CCH and graduated from DCCC this year. I also want to work in peds and still do. I can tell you that Brandywine and Phoenixville will not hire you for anything but med/surg as a GN. If you can get a externship at Paoli I would if you plan on working for them. They told us this year at their open house that they had openings for peds/L&D/maternity but they didn't hire anyone I know for any of those areas and when I went for my interview they told me they were full (I would assume with their externs). CCH hired 6 or 7 GNs this year for L&D, maternity and NICU. No one for peds. I put my application in our last clinical day this year and got hired so I didn't have a say as to which unit I wanted to go to. If you want to work in peds I would try for the externship and let them know you want to go to peds when you graduate. I think it would be a L&D/maternity externship but you would float thru all areas of maternal child if I am correct. If you don't want to do the externship try and get a job as an US/NA on peds. If they know you and like you, you will have a shot at a job when you graduate. Hope this helps.
  4. by   Aradien
    Sorry for not replying sooner. Thanks very much for your input Chester 427. What department are you currently practicing in at CCH?
  5. by   LUsciouslyLU
    chester427 is mistaken, cause i work at phoenixville, and i was hired for telemetry intermediate floor, and i personally know last summer they hired a few GNs for the ICU because they oriented on my floor for a few days before going to the ICU. phoenixville has a NICU, but no pediatric floor. pottstown has a pediatric floor if that isnt far for you. i did my externship at phoenixville, and i loved it. i saw an open heart surgery, got a day in the ER, one in L/D... i learned so much and i had my nursing job without even interviewing again : )

    paoli wants you to work full time, if thats ok with you then your fine but im going back for my bachelors adn couldnt do that.
  6. by   RaggedyRN
    a.i. duPont Hospital for Children is right down the road (off of 202 in Delaware) and they are AWESOME to work for. I love it there!

    Good Luck!
  7. by   Crux1024
    I live the next county over (Lancaster County). I have heard good things about Paoli and Dupont childrens... I have heard average/good things also about CCH. Good luck in finding a good place.
  8. by   bill4745
    Avoid Brandywine. Poorly managed, poor morale.