UPenn 18 month Accelerated Nursing Program

  1. I'm interested in applying to Penn's 18 month Accelerated Nursing Program; however, there is so much work involved I want to make sure it's worth the effort!

    Are there any Penn nursing students/graduates who could share their experiences in the program? Has anyone heard bad or good things about the program? Also, how competitive is the program (i.e.: what's the admission rate, class size, avg. GPA, etc.)?

    Thanks for the help!
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  3. by   amojo99
    i too am applying for this program, as a part of my pathway into nursing leading to an MSN-FNP. application due tomorrow, and i'm still working on my essays (wouldn't be me without procrastination and running against a deadline). my stats are 3.49 undergrad BA/BS, 1360/4 GRE, 4.0 so far pre-reqs.

    i'd love to hear from people about this program, its intensity, their view on clinical experiences in the city of Philadelphia, and overall opinion on penn.
  4. by   amojo99
    and is it true that all undergrads, even those who have a previous degree, are eligible for Penn Grant to cover the BSN portion?
  5. by   hellomellow
    It sounds like you've got a stellar shot at getting in! I won't be applying until fall 2010, so you're way ahead of me. But, like you, I'm already working on my application essays. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your BA/BS?

    Oh, and I do believe second-degree students are eligible for the Penn Grant.
  6. by   amojo99
    Studied at Pitt.

    2 hours to go before I have to turn my app in. Still revising essays/procrastinating.

    That Penn Grant is amazing, and can really open doors to nursing to a bright, diverse group of people. I'm glad the Ivies started using those huge endowments to do stuff like this.
  7. by   ESH427
    I applied for the BSN/MSN (FHNP) too. It is the first application I submitted and I am already anxious. Guess I have to learn how to pace myself.

    Has anybody been invited for the Family Nurse Practitioner interview yet? The email said we would hear by Nov 7, which I found odd because its a Saturday.
  8. by   amojo99
    i havent yet been contacted. is that a bad sign?
  9. by   ESH427
    I haven't been contacted either... Guess they have the whole day to notify us though.
  10. by   vfro
    I applied for the BSN/MSN (FHNP track) as well and am waiting to hear about an interview. One email said we would be contacted by Nov. 7th and another one said we would be contacted by Nov 10th. I haven't heard anything yet, so I'm hoping the 10th was the correct date!
  11. by   ESH427
    Oh my goodness Vfro, you just gave me hope!
  12. by   amojo99
    i got word for my interview. i assume yall did too?
  13. by   ESH427
    Yup. Feel like I'm making some progress.
  14. by   vfro
    yes, i got the email today as well