University of Pitt - New Nurse/New Hire Medication Exam

  1. Hello All,

    So I just found out today that I take a medication exam for UPMC Mercy during week one of orientation. Does anyone know what this medication exam consists of and any resources to study from? Any medications to be especially aware of? Thanks!
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Why would it be anything unusual? What meds would you expect a nurse to know about and what would you expect a nurse to know about them? Perhaps pulling out your med/surg and pharm texts would give you a better idea.
  4. by   tyvin
    You have to consider what you are being hired to do. If it's mental health then study common psych meds, LTC/SNF; there going to ask you if you know what an MDS is, cancer ward is obvious, etc... Usually the test is generic and will ask basic info on common meds for whatever you're being hired for, a few calculations, and basic nurse questions.

    What position is it?
  5. by   JuanabePHNurse
    It is a psych position. I guess I was stressing out bc this is my first nursing job since I graduated in September. Luckily, I got a call from nursing educator today who reassured me it is nothing to stress about as it is generic and it sounds like we will have some review with nurse educators prior to exam, plus a second chance to pass. I already cracked out my lab values, previous med math tests, and psych meds. I will do the same with basic group medications. Will focus on s/e, indications, contraindications. Will post updates later once I pass Must admit though, this is a good way to refresh pharm and to be that much better of a nurse.
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
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  7. by   tyvin tardive dyskinsea and other related side effects of psych meds and which psych meds can cause it and other forms, know what foods are not compatible with MOAI inhibitors and why, therapeutic levels of some psych meds (lithium), where psych Dx go on the Axis, milieus, the DSM, ECT, antidepressants, HIPAA, common psych Dx's; this should be a good start for you.

    The exam won't just be on meds. Congratulations
  8. by   JuanabePHNurse
    Thanks tyvin!
  9. by   PghRN30
    I just started at st margaret in jan. The test I think is same across hospitals. Basic calculation. Drip rates. Do you understand difference between basal and prandial coverage and what you would and would not give for npo pt type understanding. And knowing 5 rights of med administration
  10. by   PghRN30
    First week of orientation is all nurses orienting to hospital....all more genaric not unit specific type stuff. How to use charting system, different policy and equipment type things that are hospital or even UPMC wide that may not be same as where you went to school.

    As important as knowing psych meds will be that is more something you will learn on your unit. This med test is entry into the job....are you safe to pass meds as a nurse. If dose is 500mg and you have 1g tablet do you know how much to give (if that is a calculation on the test that is just by chance.....I do not remeber the exact questions)

    It is a very generic med calculation test
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  11. by   JuanabePHNurse
    Hey PghRN30 - thanks for the info as well. I ended up passing the exam - no prob. I stressed out too much about since it was, like you said very generic. Biggest thing that threw me off was peak rate of insulin. Even the one question they did require you know the antidote about was easy bc it was multiple choice and an obvious med.
  12. by   PghRN30
    Yep...and really its one of the few antidotes that ANY nurse should know. Peak rate I guessed because what I thought it was overlapped 2 of the choices they gave so I guessed the one that made more sence and it was right. Really its a very fair test. Any nurse competent to pass meds should be able to pass it