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Hi. I have been accepted into the TJU FACT program that begins in May but the orientation isn't until a week before classes begin and I would like to get a better idea of the scheduling. I know... Read More

  1. by   jjsrn1
    Congrats, Lindo! I found out today that I have been accepted as well!!! I am so excited!! I am waiting to hear back from some other schools I applied to (won't hear from them about an interview until December), but I have a feeling that I will be back in Philly again
  2. by   lindo2789
    Yay! Congrats to you, MPH girl. Keep us posted on what you choose. I'd love to meet all of you at welcome day/accepted students day (i feel like I've seen other posts from previous years about such things!!!)

    It's so exciting to start a new adventure and I'd love for us to all do it together!
  3. by   Hanool
    Congratulations guys! I also have gotten accepted!! So exciting! Can't wait to start! Yes! we should meet at the orientation and try to set up a solid support group for the coming year!
  4. by   lindo2789
    A study group sounds like a fabulous idea. We're all going to need each other to get through this coming year. I'm so excited for all of us!
  5. by   Freakzilla154l
    I got accepted last week too!!!! Congrats to everyone!!! Just got my papers in the mail too!
  6. by   Hanool
    To fact 2010 students:

    I was just wondering if anyone has started the checklist of requirements for incoming students?
    Any updates on the background checks? Last I heard, they were still negotiating some plans with area hospitals....
    Also, has anyone tried to enroll in the student health insurance?
  7. by   jjsrn1
    Yes, I have started the checklist of requirements. After I complete the medical history form and clearances, I will have done all I can do right now. There should be new info about clearances on their website March 1st. I tried to enroll in the student health insurance and my info is not in the system. We may not be able to enroll until it's closer to May.
  8. by   HopefulStudent2011
    Hello everyone! I am going to apply to the FACT program for 2011. I know a lot of info about interviews has been given before, but I couldn't find anything on some of the questions I had about interviews. How long does the interview last? It seems like the interview is just one on one (one interviewer, and just you being interviewed), is this correct? Also is business casual ok or does everyone wear a suit? If anyone can answer any of the questions that'd be really nice, thanks!
  9. by   jjsrn1
    Yes, the interview is one-on-one and business casual dress is fine. My interview lasted about 45 min, but only because I asked a lot of questions about the program Good luck!!
  10. by   Rmk1231
    I'm applying for May 2011 as well. My biggest concern is the acceptance rate. This program is the only one I'm applying to because it's the only one that I feel is right for me. My mom went to TJU 15 years ago and has done nothing but encourage me. I plan to apply Sept 1st to ensure that my application is one of the first looked at. But does anyone know how competitive it is to get into the program or what there statistical acceptance rate is? My grades are good, my pre-reqs will be complete, I'm just nervous that this is the ONLY school I'm looking into which may seem stupid but it's the only one that I thought has the most to offer. I've worked the the hospital a few summers ago as a SPU nurses assistant between my freshman and sophomore years of college and the atmosphere at the hospital is great. So that's mostly the reason why I want this program so badly. Anyway, if anyone can help me out that would be great, thanks.
  11. by   AtomicWoman
    RMK, if I understand you correctly, you are going to apply for the cohort that starts May, 2011? If so, keep a shortcut to the website on your desktop. Starting around the middle of August, check the website every day to see if they have put the application up yet. As soon as you see it, jump on it! They fill the classes up very quickly. Some people on the waiting list *do* get in, but they don't find out until fairly late. Sometimes not until April! I don't have the stats on the acceptance rate, but like I said, the class fills up very quickly. One suggestion: if you haven't already done so, between now and August take a medical terminology class. You can usually find one on-line. It will help you in your early coursework, and it will make the admissions people happy, too.

    Also, make sure you already have or will soon have official copies of all of your transcripts. Send everything in one envelope once you fill out the online application. And send it with delivery confirmation!!

    You can also start thinking about your essay, too. I don't know what this year's essay will be like, but you can bet there will be some section that allows you to write about why you will make an excellent nurse. So you can jot ideas now when they come to you.

    Best of luck,

  12. by   jjsrn1
    AtomicWoman -Do FACT students have to pay directly out of pocket for their health insurance...or can students use their financial aid award to cover the premium costs? I may not be asking this right...this is the first time I have had to get school health insurance. Thanks in advance!
  13. by   AtomicWoman
    Quote from MPHgirl
    AtomicWoman -Do FACT students have to pay directly out of pocket for their health insurance...or can students use their financial aid award to cover the premium costs? I may not be asking this right...this is the first time I have had to get school health insurance. Thanks in advance!
    The health insurance can be paid for out of your financial aid award, which includes student loans (which is how the vast majority of my classmates have paid for the program). BTW, I have heard a lot of complaints about the health insurance. Too many deductibles, co-pays, etc. If you already have health insurance and can continue it, then that's your best bet. It's what I did. I just had to go online to some website and give them the information about my policy, and then I got a "health insurance waiver". Without health insurance, the school will not allow you to stay in the program, so you need to either buy it from their program or have your own.

    Hope that helps.