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So who all in here is applying for St Margaret trying to get in for Feb start? Already got application in? Already heard back? I only just got my application in this past week, so... Read More

  1. by   tmow86
    I loved my instructors, I loved the school!

    I am not sure how the new ciricculum will change that.

    I am a PROUD St. Margaret SON graduate!

    i am saddened that they are changing the program. The biggest thing, it will not be as intense since it's going from 19 to 22 months in length. That will be helpful to everyone but I think the clinical experience will be WAY different which is the part that saddens me.

    St. Mag's grads are usually set apart from others. We have such an excellent program. It's not easy by any means and you HAVE to sacrifice A LOT. It HAS to be priority for you.

    The instructors are great!! Like I said, I loved them. Some people didn't. You just have to go to school, dont' cause drama and roll with the punches.

    My biggest advice for those starting the new cirriculum is to start with an open mind. You need to know that this will be new for the instructors as well, and it's probably hard for them too because they are changing what was an elite program. I am sure St. Mag's will still find a way to be set apart though, in that I have no doubt!

    Blood, sweat and tears and I graduated TOP 5 in my class.

    Good luck!!
  2. by   vebb
    Wow that is awesome good for you!! I'm hoping I'll be okay, I'm a go with the flow kinda gal.

    Thanks so much for the info!!!