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  1. Does anyone know the weekend lpn rates in pa for a every other weekend position
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  3. by   hiswife0223
    Seven years ago it was 20.50 starting lpn rate at Manorcare mercy fitz.
  4. by   CoffeeRTC
    What part of PA? It varies in the different regions. I work for another chain and it varies from facility to facility even in the same region.
  5. by   steffuturelpn
    The one in Pottstown I have a interview today for a weekend position
  6. by   AtomicWoman
    A year ago, they offered me $30 an hour for every other weekend, with no benefits, no sick time and no vacation. For reasons I won't say publicly, I would not work for *any* Manor Care. I did not like what I saw there.
  7. by   steffuturelpn
    my Ok thanks I am a new grad with no experience so my offer was no where near tgat
  8. by   AtomicWoman
    They offered me that with only 6 months experience.
  9. by   steffuturelpn
    Wow I guess they r ripping me off lol but I have to take it cuz I have to start somewhere
  10. by   AtomicWoman
    Whoops. I misread your initial question. I got $30/hour offered, but I am an RN. Hope I didn't make you too paranoid. Sorry!
  11. by   steffuturelpn
    Lol it's cool thanks
  12. by   Havin' A Party!
    Stef -- Watch your back. Will leave it at that.
  13. by   steffuturelpn
    I quit after two weeks it was horrible I will never work at another major care . I have a new job I love making more money and I don't feel stressed.
  14. by   kennedy8353
    I was going to apply to a manorcare. I have 2yrs experience on a surgical progressive unit which is a telemetry unit and im tired of having 6 VERY sick almost icu patients with no help from my staff. It is crazy fast paced. I cant even pee or eat until 2pm most days. I thought hcr Mc might give me a chance to breathe. What makes them so bad? What are your responsibilities, any lpns?how many pts? is staff too lacking ( that unfortunately seems to be in every facility in this country!! From what i hear)?? What to do!?