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Hello all, I'm taking this chance to meet other nurses in PA. Who knows, maybe I've meant some of you. I graduated a year ago, and meant a lot of other nursing students in clinicals, and such. ... Read More

  1. by   dolphine
    Do you know of any jobs for a Nurses Aid in Pa . I live in Dallas Pa. I am looking for a CNA job in a Doctors office. I am waiting onmy test from the Red cross. I really want to work in a Doctors office. Can you help?
  2. by   kenzy
    I know there are usually ads in the Erie and Warren Pa. paper for both doc. offices and CNA positions. one of my good griends work in a long term care facility right now thats lookin for CNA also an nother one in Warren if you would like to know more reply. GOOD LUCK!
  3. by   dolphine
    I also am looking for a CNA position in a Doctors office. Can you help at
    all I live in Dallas, Pa near Wilkes-Barre. I work in a nursing home and I
    really want to work in a Doctors office. Do you know of any at this time?
    If when you do please let me know ok. I would greatly appricate it.:spin:
  4. by   kenzy
    Dolphine, I will be more then happy to help anyway that I can I'll let you know if I hear anything. Are you willing to relocate to Erie or Warren to take a position?
  5. by   dolphine
    In my situation here, I am trying to get my kids back. I live in the Dallas area near Wilkes-Barre. I can't move any futher then what I am under the circumstances you see. I get my kids every other weekend and some times when in emergencies cases. So if you could help me find anything in the area,or if you know some who can also help me in this location that would also be great. Hope to talk to you again soon.:spin:
  6. by   kenzy
    I'm not sure where wilkes-Barre is can you give me some idea, what area you are close to and I'll see what I can do to help!
  7. by   snowfreeze
    I work in the pittsburgh area, anyone local give me an e-mail please. Telemetry right now but going to interview for PACU.
  8. by   nursebear69
    Hey Pa nurses. I am an RN heer, working in Eastern PA. I jsut moved from Western PA( i was in a small town 60 miles north of pittsburgh), and I am working in a long tern facility. Telford, PA if anyone knows the area. That is where I live , for now. Anyone in the area? give me a shout. It would be great to get to know more people and make new friends.
    PS.....looking for a job in Erie, PA? Check out the Erie Newspaper. go to the Hammot website, St Vincent's. or even the Erie County and Crawford County Career Link Offices. ( I have relatives in that area that told me about the web sites b4 i relocated. good luck!)
  9. by   thedude
    About to be a new grad in may. I live in carlisle and will be working in Lancaster.
  10. by   nursebear69
    hello there all PA nurses. I gradduated from a nursing school in western PA. Born and raised in the same small town. I recently relocated to eastern PA, about an hour from Philly. I work in long term care as an RN/Supervisor. I dont know many people around here, since i moved less than 2 mos ago. Feel free to E-mail me. yes, lets DO lunch or something. IF i can find you. lol. I havnet strayed too fra from home or work either.
  11. by   thedude
    Hey all, I am an LPN and will graduate as a GN this May. I live in Carlisle,PA. Lookin to get to know u all so say hi.
  12. by   nursebear69
    Hi Dude...I am an RN working in long term care in Telford, PA. Just wanted to say HI right back at ya. One month to go? excited ? nervous? Well..good luck wiht everything. take care. keep in touch.
  13. by   mango111
    in devon