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  1. I wanted to know if anyone has attended, or will attend Lasalle's BSN program. I'm thinking of going to ccp then transferring over to lasalle. My question is does Lasalle have a long waiting list? Also are there any RN programs in the Delaware Valley that does'nt have a waiting list? My biggest fear is that I'll work really hard with my grades, and then when its time to transfer I won't be able to because of waiting lists.
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  3. by   littledarlings
    I apply to LaSalle's Achieve nursing program for fall 2007. The process was not long. I cannot say about their four year program.
  4. by   philanurse2b
    did you get accepted?
  5. by   littledarlings
    Yes, I did. My classes start August 28, 2007. My classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Are you applying to the Achieve Program?
  6. by   iLovemyJackRT
    I just graduated from LaSalle in 06, I did the 4 year BSN waiting lists to my knowledge..I know temple has a waiting list...thats all really, but lasalle is great with a great reputation and a high passing rate
  7. by   Irina2009
    First I'd like to say Hi, since I am new.

    I am starting at La Salle BSN program Fall07. I don't think that they have a waiting list. I was told that they have room you just have to meet their requirements and deadlines.

    Is there anyone else starting this Fall?
  8. by   glamgalRN
    I really wouldn't believe all of the "waiting list rumors" that you hear out there. Call the dept. of nursing and find out everything for yourself. I'm going into my 2nd year at Community's program and before I started I heard there was a 2 year wait list-well I applied in Dec, 2005 and took my allied health test in Feb, 2006 and found out i got in 2 weeks later so I started Sept, 2006. I know if you want to start in the fall you need to apply early (not sure what it's like a lasalle but I would think maybe in Oct.)
  9. by   erkantarik
    can anyone tell me about the classes ? english is my second language and i am really worry about writting. is there a lot of writting ?
  10. by   scorpio student
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    I know this post is super old but... I'm starting Lasalle's BSN program in a month. I have my stethoscope, ordered my uniforms, and i've been driving myself crazy wondering what Lasalle will be like. Can you give me any sort of advice/inside information/ heads up on the classes, clinicals, teachers, recommended books, and pretty much anything about the program that will help me.


  11. by   Lindeeloorn
    Scorp, dont stress! I graduated from lasalle two years ago (granted, it was from the achieve program, but its basically the same as the day program) you will be in the new nursing building at benilde tower, they have alot of new resourses and state of the art programs that i didnt have. if you run into any trouble, there are great staff people as resources with study groups run by faculty as well as skill labs to take advantage of.
    I suggest you look over what normal values are for assessment skills (resp rate, heart rate, etc) as well as blood gas values. dont worry about what they mean yet, that will come later.
    Also: PLEASE read over the school of nursing handbook they will give you, they are very serious about their rules and policies, and will stick to them whenever a problem arises.
    YOu will be fine as long as you dont let stress get in your way. congrats to you and good luck!!
  12. by   Maxwelliesha
    This is extremely late but I'm at community college and plan on referring tranferring to lasalle next treat,i wanted to know if the entry exam is hard? And how soon should I take it,i transfer over in 3 more semesters.
  13. by   jtboog2003
    If by three semesters you mean you will be trying for Fall 2012 you need to take it before the deadline which is February. They recommend you take it in the preceding Fall meaning in the next few months for next Fall. They have tests appointments available already. As far as hard, I think that's relative, What's hard to one person may or may not be hard for someone else. Some think it's hard, and some think it's not hard at all.
  14. by   alibee
    For La Salle's nursing program, you have to take the NLN. There's an NLN prep book that you can get if you need to brush up on math, reading comprehension, etc. I didn't think it was that bad - it was a lot like the community college entrance exams, but with science questions - but as JT said, that's relative. Just brush up on what you don't feel comfortable with.