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I don't see too many posts from HACC students! Where are we?? I start LPN clinicals in January at Harrisburg campus. Anyone else here from any HACC campus/program?... Read More

  1. by   MisMatch
    We had a mandatory seminar yesterday, and I met 2 of the 3 instructors. .

    We had use of the lab today, and will be able to use it on Monday to get a head start on all the skills/videos/computer programs we need to have done before clinicals. They said it gets crazy in there the first 3 weeks with all the new LPN & RN students getting checked off on the skills.

    Yes, I'm getting excited!

    I agree with the others about the uniforms, made worse by the fact that they are white! Maybe we can all have a big bonfire when we finish, and use them for fuel

    Good luck to all!
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  2. by   MisMatch
    I met M....yesterday, and she was great! It was nice that they opened the lab 2 days in the past week for incoming LPN students. We were able to knock out a lot of the computer modules and practice in a more relaxed atmosphere, as well as getting to know some of the other students. Everyone worked well together, study groups have already started forming and it seems we have a cohesive class.

    NOW I'm getting excited!

    Best of luck to all others starting tomorrow!
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  3. by   annaedRN
    I have a friend who started the RN program at Gettysburg this week and she has been calling alot -feeling overwhelmed. I reassured her---and all of you all that it will get better. While it will never be easy, it will begin to take on a pattern atleast. Things calm down a little and you will get yourself in your habits/routines. Just stay focused and keep your mind "on the prize." Hope the first week was a good one for all of you!
  4. by   MrsBradyMom
    First week check-in!!!!!

    How is everyone doing? My head is spinning and I seem to have some type of psychosymatic bowel reaction everytime I open a nursing book (as in there better be a toilet nearby). :icon_roll

    I think most of my classmates are feeling overwhelmed and confused, so I don't feel alone. It's not so much the amount of work, it's just frustrating trying to figure out the system. I think the OP is right, once we get into a groove and figure out whats expected of us, things should go much smoother.

    Is anyone else having problems with the RN class? We sometimes get booted off beds in lab and have our materials taken if the RN's want to use them. Some of us have had snide remarks thrown our way as well.

    Ok everyone, chins's to a sucessful second week
  5. by   MisMatch
    I survived the first week!!!

    Yes, it's overwhelming. I appreciate the reassurance here and from others that it does settle down into a busy, but doable routine.

    Our class seems to be a very cohesive bunch, that we're all in this together and can/will help each other out. I have a long comute (1 hour each way), and already have 3 classmates I can stay with in bad weather or early clinical days. We already have study groups forming.

    I have heard that the RN students can be a challenge, thinking they are above and better than us, but haven't experienced it thus far. Just keep in mind that the first 3 weeks are total chaos, as all classes must be passed on so many skills. Once we get past those 3 weeks, and are out at clinical sites, things should settle down a bit.
  6. by   MisMatch
    OK - so how's everyone doing?

    For me, so far, so good - am passed on the first 13 skills, got a 96% on my first exam, and a 100% on my first pop quiz. My classmates are awesome - we work well together and have a great time. It's a lot of work, overwhelming at times, but we are all hanging in there.
  7. by   stdntograd06
    Ok, I've gone through the HACC RN AND the PN program. I'll tell you why in a sec. *** It is a VERY hard program but you will come out prepared to hit the floor running. Trust me.***

    I was in the RN program and had to go into the PN program in order to get a kidney transplant. (No, the program itself did not "do in" my kidneys :icon_roll). Close, but no. I was in renal failure since 2003, and had decided to keep trudging along in the program. I was informed in early 2006 (in the middle of N104- OB rotation), Hershey had found a donor. To avoid withdrawing and missing at least 1 semester, I decided to go into the PN program in May 2006. I graduated as an LPN December 18, 2006, , had a kidney transplant December 19, 2006 and am now working full-time in a LTC facility. It is very possible to get through this program, RN or PN.

    As for the instructors, I've known many of them and most of them are wonderful. S. is WONDERFUL in the lab, Ji. is the best for the OB rotation, Di. is right up there with the best, as is Ju. !!! (They teach RN courses though). I've been told by a current student (my husband is a N103 student) that there have been some new instructor additions so some I may not know.

    Millie is so great!! :bowingpur I believe she's still there (she teaches PN). You can't go wrong with her. The other PN instructor has been replaced so I don't know her too well (Roseann Poe).

    The organization is the key! And READ, READ, READ! They don't cover everything, or even close to everything, and when you get the exam, there are questions on there you never even discussed in theory :angryfire! Do the practice NCLEX questions at the end of each chapter. Run the cd's too. They're great.

    I am getting ready to take the bridge course hopefully Summer 2009, and then finish up with the last 2 semesters of RN program.

    Another resource I found that is wonderful is the following link. It is very good at practicing what you've learned (it's a great tool for current nurses too):

    dhyser96, you are right about G. You're better off staying clear of her.

    I think that's enough for now. Anyone has any questions, please post or PM me and we'll email. :typing
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  8. by   justwannabanurse
    Glad to hear you are doing good with clinicals so far, I am also I got an 86% on my first test & 100% on the first quiz. Honestly, I am a lil' shocked at how intense the program is I didn't think it would be so fast paced but we are all just trudging along.The only thing that I am concerned about is the concept maps that we have to do for our patients. Well keep up the good work!
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    It's wise to NEVER posts names of instructors and their teaching style/ aptitude publically. With "guests" viewing site # in the thousands hourly, could be educator/staff from your program. Please limit any discussion to PM's. What's written and forwarded can be passed around to ANYBODY these days too.

    Play it safe to keep in good standing.
  10. by   trinellipe
    I'll be starting clinicals at HACC's York campus in the summer. I am so excited! Is anyone here familiar with the professors there and how they are?

    Also, does anyone know somebody that might be interested in selling me their HACC student nurse uniforms?
  11. by   kiss04bam
    This kinda makes me excited but SCARED to apply to HACC! LOL
  12. by   MisMatch
    Quote from kiss04bam
    This kinda makes me excited but SCARED to apply to HACC! LOL
    I am half way through the LPN program. It is definately a hard program, and we lost half our class in the first semester. It requires dedication and a lot of hard work, but is a good program. From what I've been told by the nurses I've worked with at clinical sites (some of whom are HACC graduates), the HACC program is one of the toughest, but the students that graduate are well prepared to begin their career as nurses.

    Please don't be scared to apply, so long as you are willing to dedicate most of your time, energy and focus on successfully finishing the program.
  13. by   lilybean
    I start my RN clinicals in January at the Lancaster campus! I didn't know the PDA was required. Yikes, nursing is expensive.