Pencil and paper for CCRN exam?


Does anyone know if they you a pencil and paper to write on for the ccrn exam? I always have to put things in a certain order to answer questions. I really hope they do. Im very very very nervous for this exam.


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I can't speak for the CCRN, but for the CPN you are given a whiteboard and erasable marker.


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No, this is typically not an option. From the AACN Certification Exam Policy Handbook

Paper and pencil exams are available to those located 3 hours or more from the nearest computer-based testing site and to groups of 30 or more testing within the U.S. Group discount pricing does not apply to paper and pencil exam sessions. Requests must be submitted to AACN Certification Corporation 3 months in advance of desired test date. For details see page 10 or email (p. 9).
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No, this is typically not an option. From the AACN Certification Exam Policy Handbook

No- OP is asking if you are provided pencil and paper for note purposes, not a paper exam. I do remember getting a single sheet of paper and pencil for the Peds CCRN exam- which they keep when you're done. I don't even remember if i used it or not.

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You are given one blank piece of paper and a pencil, which you must return to the proctor at the end of your exam.

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I just took it today. You get one sheet of paper, and you have to turn it back in at the end.


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This might come in after your test date, but you can always try calling the testing center directly to ask what items are or are not allowed. Good luck!

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In case you haven't already taken the exam, I was given one sheet of paper and a pencil (July 2017). I had to turn them in at the end to the proctor. Good luck!