What do people find the hardest part of paediatric nursing?

  1. I'm almost through my first year of uni, and i'm thinking about what area i want to go into. I'm thinking paediatrics, but what do you all find is the hardest part of it and how do you work around it?

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  3. by   BuffaloLPN
    I can answer this one in one word-PARENTS!
    They can make the situation go from bad to impossible.
    The hardest for me is to see and try to accept the WAY some people parent. I am not not a parent (yet
    ) , which also got me into a lot of situations.
    Some of my most situations:
    -"don't change the babies diaper until it is saturated-they're too expensive"
    -the calorie count for today was 347.863735
    -people that only bathe their kids once a week in the summer
    -chronic disease pt.-not getting tx's
    I could go on and on.
  4. by   goats'r'us
    wow, thanks!

    Please tell me parents don't REALLY say that about baby's nappies???

    Anyone else got something they find hard?
  5. by   goats'r'us
    c'mon, pleas can some more ppl post? I REALLY need your responses!

    Help me and i'll name a star after you...
  6. by   nurs4kids
    Parent's can definitely be challenging. After becoming a parent, I understand a bit more. Also, parent's seem to not be as difficult to me since I've become a parent..almost like they feel I understand their pain. Often, a parent will even ask, "do you have kids?".."if this were your kid, what would you...".

    The hardest part to me is seeing kids suffer and in pain.
  7. by   canoehead
    Parents...I second and third that motion. Sometimes they can be a godsend, and sometimes they listen to the explanation, say they understand and agree, then turn around and do the EXACT opposite of what you discussed, and act like you never had a conversation. Hell, if you disagree with me just say so- it's your kid- but don't jerk me around.

    The other thing is that their children come first, before anyone else's children, before any policy or issue, which I can understand, but when all the patients come first it leaves the poor nurse not knowing where to stand.

    Also those that plan on their child not having any unpleasantness whatsoever while in the hospital. 20 minute warm water soak to take off a Bandaid, or CSM checks without touching the child's limb. The ten year old that won't take medicine because it tastes bad. Soooo frustrating. I am no longer working peds, as you can probably tell.
  8. by   nurs4kids
    lol..hool, you're so right.

    i despise "wisk adhesive removal pads"...
    if a parent EVER hears about them, they'll send you to heck and back searching for them to remove a bandaid..

    and emla cream..
    it's wonderful for alot of things..
    but do we REALLY have time to wait 45mins for it to numb when we've got other patients AND the child is already dehydrated??
  9. by   mark_LD_RN
    Parents are the biggest problem. alsohad trouble when i worked peds with seeing children whowere negletedor abused it just tore me up.
    Ireally found some proceedures to be extremely stressful ie. starting iv's, cathing female babies etc

    over all i enjoyed it, i just found a different area that i was called to work in. good luck hope you find an areaand job you love.
  10. by   RNConnieF
    I did peds for 6 years and without a doubt it's the parents.
  11. by   karoline
    I worked at a children's hospital for almost 10 years. Parents present the biggest challenge to pediatric nursing. Many times they are stressed and angry that bad things have happened to their child/family. Needless to say the nurse takes the hit for their anger and frustration. I found the parents to often be unreasonable as to what needs to be done and their perception.
  12. by   canoehead
    YES! I hate those removal pads! And so much fussing about them, or about EMLA when you know you could get the whole thing over and done with in the time it takes to find the med (or the pad). And hate when you put the EMLA on and that big juicy vein is now covered with edema- not so big and juicy anymore.
  13. by   Alley Cat

    People that want their child sedated for procedures, but want you to put them to sleep before you put in the IV! A CRNA I'm NOT! Or want medicine that they can drink so they don't have to be poked.
    People that nod and agree with you, then complain about how rude you were or how you don't understand when the next person comes in the room.

    There's always difficult situations in any field, but I think the fact that so often what we see come in is preventable if people would just have some common sense. (whatever that is!)

    People who insist on bringing the rest of the family in when a child is having a procedure done, then get mad when you tell them they can't stay in the room during the procedure because they need to stay with the other child(ren) in the waiting room (and no, the other kid(s) cannot be in the room either!) (This is a biggie with me in my current position.)

    Just my 2 cents' worth! Good luck!
  14. by   Alley Cat
    I realize it's been awhile since you posted this, but here's some more food for thought:

    The JOYS of pediatric nursing

    If you stay in a long term position, seeing how kids grow and change (yes, this has its drawbacks as well).

    The KIDS

    The coworkers--these are people who aren't just in it for the buck, they're in nursing because they care.

    The KIDS

    Every once in a great while, you get parents who appreciate what you do and actually respect your professional opinion.

    The KIDS

    Smiles when the pain gets better (okay, so it's when they're going out the door and going home, but it's better than nothing --or when they've successfully given their own insulin injection for the first time, learned to walk with crutches after surgery...you get the picture.

    The KIDS

    The beautiful smiles when their hair grows back after chemo, or their scans/tests come back clear.

    The KIDS

    All in all, it's the toughest job you'll ever love. Sometimes you have to change and do something else, but that's the plus of nursing. When I first left Peds, it was because of management and other issues; I missed working with kids. I love babies, too, so I get a nice age mix in the position I'm currently in. Peds will always be my first love, no matter where I wind up.