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Anybody have a patient's parent that seems to be living off the attention they get from having a sick child? Not a Munchausen by Proxy parent that actually hurts their child so that they can get... Read More

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    As a home health nurse my case is a 5 year old that has "seizures", when she stiffens her hands, opens her mouth wide and really...says "seizure!" And the mom coaches me to make sure I document it bc if I don't her case will be closed. The mother exaggerates all of her symptoms and has fired 10+ nurses. An MR I revealed no seizures or reason to suspect seizures and the mother threatens to take the child for blood work if she doesn't behave. Well when Mom is around the child is a maniac, cries, runs and bites herself. She won't eat or drink and when mom leaves the child is complete opposite. After I calm her down she behaves, eats, is a normal child. On top of it the mother treats me like the nanny...I am to run after the child put her in and out of the car seat take her to the bathroom. Please...This is not what I went to nursing school for, to be treated like the help. I'm actively seeking other employment but for now I am working the case bc I have to feed my family. I think mom has munchausen by proxy...please, can anyone offer any advice. Should I report her bc other nurses have and nothing has been done. I'm afraid of losing my cool, my mind and my license
    MRI cannot confirm or deny seizure activity. There are plenty of people with epilepsy who have normal MRIs. As Jan said, a 5 year old with seizures may very well know her aura so her ability to state that she is having a seizure doesn't mean what you think it does. I've worked with kids with seizures for 10 years and had daily seizures myself prior to having my brain tumor resected. I always knew they were coming. And I've had very young kids be able to state with 100% accuracy when they knew one was coming.
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    Thank you for great advice. She takes Risperdal, anti psychotic and prn klonipin at hs. She has had an EGG which shows spikes as she sleeps. I didn't mean to sound insensitive but my gut tells me what she is displaying is behavioral, the mother says her PRO says it is behavioral. It's very confusing and the agency doesn't offer much insight or training and I'm a new grad.
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    I understand and I don't have any experience so any info you provide is well appreciated. I'm glad that you are doing better. I only want what is best for the family and I'm clueless. Thanks again.
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    I saw this all of the time when I worked in an outpt Peds office. Many of these parents were bored stay at home parents. The kids were F-I-N-E, but yet we saw they every week for these random symptoms. We had to refer them to lists of specialists to treat non sense problems. It's sad as this does cause many of the children to grow up overly anxious as well.
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    I agree, it seems more harmful than helpful.