Pediatric Doses Calculations

  1. Are there websites that showed how to calculate SAFE DOSE RANGE or dosage meds for pediatrics. Anybody know of any??

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    You can check out this website:
    but you would have to know for each specific medication what would be the appropriate weight-based dose. For example, tylenol is 10-15 mg/kg/dose, plug in the weight in the website and you'll get your dose.
    To get your drug/dosage info i dont know of any websites, but the Harriet Lane Handbook is a great and widely used peds drug guide that will give you all of that.
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    lexi-comp is a good one.
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    I second the use of Harriet Lane. We used it all the time in my former peds job.
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    Quote from willdgate
    I need help with this also
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    We use Lexi-comp as well. Another good one is Micromedex.
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    well i use this simple calculation

    dose wanted x ml per mg on bottle Divided by mg on bottle
    ex. Zantac comes 150mg/10 cc
    Order reads give 3mg zantac po bid
    3 x 10 = 30 30 divided by 150 = 0.2 cc po bid