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  3. by   Paris
    I'm sorry guys I pressed the wrong button and it sent it without letting me write down what I wanted to say. I wanted to see which one would you prefer to work in and why?
  4. by   Paris
    As of right now I think it would be interesting to work in ER b/c of all the crazy things that go on. Or at least what I've heard. I also think it would be nice to work in Pediatrics b/c I love children and I used to work at a daycare. What are ya'll opinions?
  5. by   nur20
    I work peds and just love it. It is very rewarding and satisfying. I love children and they seem to love me. The only other area closest to my heart was geriatrics
  6. by   peaceful2100
    Well, if you are interested in both how about working in the emergency room of a pediatric hospital if you have a children's hospital nearby.

    Personally I am going into pediatrics because I love children, I also use to work in a daycare and still babysit in my spare time. I love being an advocate for children and I love playing with them and taking care of them. Children are very special in my heart. I cannot imagine myself working in my career without children around.
  7. by   peaceful2100
    Just to clarify, paris if you don't know me, I am still a student. Right now I work at a children's hospital as a care assistant.
  8. by   Amberkat
    Yes, do both. I work in a pediatric ER. I love it.
  9. by   debbyed
    Speaking strickly from an ER nurses point of view..........

    We just love new ER nurses who love Peds because many of us are unconfortable with the Peds patients.
  10. by   manaAJ2
    I'm only a junior in a BSN program at the University of Rhode Island, but I am positive i'm going into pediatrics. Although i do think emergency medicine would be interesting and exciting, I think certain people are just meant to work with children. I've worked with kids my entire life, and am currently working as a medical assistant/ student nurse at a pediatrician's office for the summer. I really love comforting kids and parents and find it very rewarding.
    I think if you believe you are the type of person meant to work with kids, then go for pediatrics. If you are interested more in the adrenaline rush and excitement of the ER , go for that. Or try for a pediatric emergency room. good luck!
  11. by   Paris
    Thanks for your advice. I really love kids so I'd probably work with them.

  12. by   NurseDad
    I've been pulled to work ER several times and I hated it. Everything is different there from what I'm used to on the floor. The charting is different, admitting and discharging is different, working with the MDs is different- I'd prefer to stay on Peds with all my little people. I know my pediatricians and I know what to expect from them. And there seems to be less "attitudes" om Peds. Most of the nurses in our ER think they are all that and then some. Talk about delusions of grandeur!:chuckle
  13. by   Paris
    How is it working with little kids? Is it hard? Do you ever have any problems with them?
  14. by   t01
    Paris, you might want to consider a PICU at a teaching hospital. You will definitely see a lot there. Where I work we have everything from MVA's, transplants, open heart surgeries, abuse, very rare diseases, etc. etc, along with many many different social issues. Just when I think I have seen everything something new shows up.