Kawasaki Disease

  1. Hello All ~

    I'm new here. Actually I was looking for Northeastern's website (to transfer!! -- I'm a nursing student), and I found this. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has heard of kawasaki disease? my baby brother had been sick for about a week, and was admitted to the hospital yesterday with the aforementioned disease. He's 11 months old.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Try a search on google.com--NRSKaren gets greeat stuff on that one.

    Sorry about your brother, and good luck.
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    Isn't that the proper name for foot and mouth disease? not sure
    I'm jonesin pretty bad for a Kawasaki ZX 11, that could be it too
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    Thanks guys ~

    I found a little information, not too much, I guess it's a very rare disease. One site mentioned children getting it right after their carpets were cleaned...? Strange.

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    I will look further for you.
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    I found some good basic information @


    Scroll till you see the link to the "parent guide". They also referenced the American Heart Association.

    This is a fairly serious disease which can have cardiac sequelae; it causes inflamation of the blood vessels w/ a prediliction for the coronary vessels. Let's hope your brother doesn't get into all that stuff.
  8. by   Victoriance
    Thanks so much for finding that site. It was very informative. One thing I find quite unusual is the high doses of asprin he's on. Ever since he came home from the hospital he's been taking 10 adult low strenght asprins a day. (it mentioned that on the website too).

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    We see kawasaki's disease fairly frequently at the Children's hospital that I work at in BC. I tend to see a pattern of cluster admissions??? It's a vasculitis (viral) which predominantly affects male children of asian origin, but I've seen it in others. It is unknown exactly what causes it. Because it affects the vessels these children will usually end up on our cardiac ward for risk of aneurysms, cardiomyopathy, MI etc... (it also affects other organs) If caught and treated early enough the prognosis is usually very good; however, if left untreated or caught too late, it can be fatal or leave the child with irreversible heart and/or organ damage (Very rarely do I see a poor outcome). At first the children usually present with flu like symptoms (fever, joint pain, no appetite etc), which often leads to misdiagnosis. They then will become sicker as the disease progresses. Increased temp, inability or desire to walk due to joint pain, reddened strawberry tongue, red eyes and palms of hands and feet and irritablity (inconsolable) are the classic signs of Kawasaki disease. Treatment usually consists of Immunoglobulin and aspirin and sometimes corticosteroids. Decreasing stimuli and keeping the child calm and comfortable are also helpful with treatment.

    I'm sure you have already found this info out and that your baby brother is all better and doing very well!