1. Question relates to Pediatric Office setting but there is more traffic on this forum.

    We use a device called a "shot-blocker" when administering immunizations to toddlers and up.
    Our supplier no longer has them. I have done searches online and cannot find another source.

    It is a small plastic device with multiple small points on the underside and a hole in the middle. It does seem to help with the pain of the immunization administration.

    Any help appreciated,
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  3. by   wan2banrseNms
    was is the ELA-max disc (I think that is spelled right)? That is what my child's ped uses

    hope that helped
  4. by   ElvishDNP
    I know what you are talking about, as the clinic I used to work in trialed them for a while & decided against them.

    Are they reusable? If they are, I'd be stockpiling them like crazy.

    Who was your supplier before, if you can name them?
  5. by   wan2banrseNms
    I found this link for pain-free pediatrics.


    Don't know if that would help.
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  6. by   rck213
    Thanks for all the replys but the "device" doesn't contain any topical analgesic. It works by "pressure" which decreases pain perception. Supposedly, according to a recent study on Medscape, manual pressure with a finger can do the same thing. They mention "mechanical pressure devices" but give no names.

    The Shotblockers we use are from Bionix Medical Technologies, but every time we call them for more they say there is a two year backorder, something about the FDA reclassifying the device. It is a piece of plastic , not a medication so what the problem is with it isn't clear.

    They keep uping the number of shots we are required to give but won't help us obtain something that helps to administer those injections. Our Pediatrician does not want to use the topical agents in the office

    We do use them on the pediatric unit in the affiliated hospital, EMLA is the favorite at this time.:typing
  7. by   Flare
    A student at the school where i work uses one. I found this link to buy em -

    looks like the manufacturer is taking a little hiatus from making them - but you can still get them here.
  8. by   farleyj
    Unfortunately, Insulincase.com is also out of stock, now...does anyone have other sources for Shot Blockers?
  9. by   iluvivt
    Have you talked with the pediatrician about LMX4 cream...works much faster than Elma....Emla takes forever......the LMX....my 13 yr old daughter has a horrible needle phobia....so I have to use that cream on her and even then its a major project
  10. by   farleyj
    Thanks...yes, we are familiar with LMX-4, but are trying to stock non-pharma type of pain relief items. I recently emailed Bionix to ask when they thought they might be resuming manufacture of Shot Blocker again, but to date, no reply from them....
  11. by   AOx1
    Have you considered a Buzzy? It looks like a bee and uses mild vibration instead of steady pressure.It is at buzzy4shots.com
  12. by   kpkinzer
    You can get them on ebay sometimes.
  13. by   anon456
    We call them J tips, and they have lidocaine in them, and are shot into the skin by compressed air. The sound scares some kids but the device works somewhat. We also use eEMLA lidocaine cream but that takes one hour to work.
  14. by   nitasarn
    what about spray or the buzzy or you could use both. I wish the practice im at used something.