"I love my job monents" in peds

  1. I work in a peds ER that is normally pretty busy, although we do have our down times. The other night, we were having a pretty slow and quiet (yeah, I said it) night. To help out a coworker, I held a baby for about an hour while he slept. I was actually a little bummed when he finally got discharged, because we were enjoying our cuddle.
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  3. by   baarostegui214
    your story reminds me of my first day at work...I had to carry one of our pts 2yr old while she had a pelvic exam. Haven't had a day like that in a long time.
  4. by   lei7
    I have "I love my job moments" quite frequently - I love finally working in peds!

    Getting the time/opportunity to snuggle the wee ones is the absolute best, though!
  5. by   PlumeriaSun
    Seeing the bond between child and parent, so precious! Not to mention seeing babies smile..especially those big gummy ones. The random things kids say, their many questions, their bluntness.I love peds!
  6. by   Lisa Jane RN
    Had a nine year old patient in the hospital for GI issues. He has a history of Asberger's. Had been in and out a few times and on the last admission said to me "I don't mind it here, it's kind of like a hotel, but only a one star".Out of the mouths of babes
  7. by   KelRN215
    I do peds home care now... had a patient today (22 month old) who needed a shot. He cried for about 30 seconds and then immediately after was up running around his house, turning boxes (his parents recently moved) upside down and dressing himself in bubble wrap. Why I love kids... if adults had to deal with half of what these kids deal with, they wouldn't be able to do it.
  8. by   NenjaRN
    A favorite is when I get the time to snuggle a baby to sleep. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen too often but I love rocking a baby in my arms and allowing the parents to get some rest they maybe haven't had in days.

    And once they start talking...oh my gosh, kids are FUNNY!
  9. by   uRNmyway
    Completely agree. When I worked mother-baby, one of my favorite things to do during night shift was give exhausted parent an hour of rest by cuddling their newborn to sleep.
    And with the funny things kids say, also the absolute best. I don't know, maybe there is just something about making a difference in the life of someone so innocent and small that is so special.
  10. by   Sehille4774
    I've Been taking care of a cognitively normal (or above normal) medically fragile child for about 2+ years, since she was an infant. She has had SO many surgeries and issues during her first years..yet this kid is really tough!...Almost always silly, pleasant, curious with the world around her..no matter what. Before she hit 1.5-2 years she figured out how most of her equipment works by herself...down to connecting the end of the tf bag into the GT extension, opening the clamp and pressing start on the pump to make it work, for instance.

    Its actually incredibly inspiring how much some of these children deal with SO much yet cope and move on, and dont even know it!...makes you scratch your head at some of the trivial things we adults whine about!

    Well recently this patient was just about to attend her first day of normal-child preschool. I care for her on nights, so 430 AM rolls around and she wakes up for our routine round of morning nebulizers, coffalator and suction..and she says "I'm going on the schoolbus today" And I say to her "Wow Really! You'll like it, school is LOTS of fun!" And she says "Do you want to go too??" Awwww.
    Sooo cute! And I'm thinking "Naaa Been there, done that Sarah's going home to bed!" ;0)
  11. by   KelRN215
    I had a good one the other day. I go to see one of my 2 year old patients to give her her weekly chemo and she asks her mom for her Elmo doll because she wants to play with him while she's getting her chemo. So mom picks up Elmo and sees that his mouth is full of rocks and says "where did these rocks come from?" And my little patient says "outside." She was collecting rocks, bringing them inside without her parents knowing and hiding them in Elmo's mouth! It was so funny!