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Pearson Vue Trick


Does anyone know if the Pearson Vue trick is no longer working?

You go to reregister after taking NCLEX-PN and if it shows you the screen to enter credit card info you failed; if you get the message that says you already registered you passed? This past weekend they changed the formatting and a fellow student who tested Friday suddenly got the CC screen (on Sunday, after the trick previously worked); I just finished my NCLEX about 1.5 hours (today is August 28th, 2014) ago and I keep getting the CC screen... Help! I got 85 questions, not too many SATA and I felt very confident after the exam that I passed, but now I'm freaking out!

Someone help, please! My GVN status is still posted! :yes:

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Wait until license posted or GVN status revoked. GVN status will be revoked once licensed or if you fail the exam. The fact that GVN status still listed indicates the BoN either hasn't processed or hasn't received the official NCLEX results yet. You can always pay for quick results if your state participates.

My state takes 4-8 weeks to process a license once NCLEX is passed but at least they participate in quick results

Thank you! I found on another topic that it's not working anymore! I am in Texas so I can pay the $8 in 48 hours for an unofficial result, it was just so embarrassing for all my instructors and staff in the nursing department to look at me today thinking I failed! As if I hadn't had enough stress for the day...!

Did u pass?


I am in Los Angeles CA and I took my NCLEX on Aug 23rd. Apparently they have fixed the glitch that they had on the website. On Aug 23rd there was a maintenance on the site and when it came back up, it didn't do the trick any more. it leads everybody to the cc page .

I got 205 questions and yesterday I got the official results that I have passed.

Good luck to you.

As of August the license will not be posted in CA because you have to sign a release of information permission and pay 150 to have your license posted online to PUBLIC.

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