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Does Pearson Vue Trick Work for someone taking the NCLEX for the second time? I live in CA. Took NCLEX August 5th and failed. Pearson took me directly to credit card page to re-register. Took NCLEX AGAIN on October 4th, 2013 and Pearson gave me the "GOOD" POP UP. It has been over a week since I took the exam and the CA BRN website only shows an interim permit with my name. I had to mail it back to them prior to re-taking the exam on the 4th. Really depressed and down because it stopped at 75 and seemed like all higher level questions. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE PEARSON TRICK ONLY WORKS ON THE FIRST TIME YOU TAKE IT AND POSSIBLY NOT ON THE SECOND NCLEX EXAM? I spoke to the BRN and they were REALLY RUDE and told me that I DO NOT have a license. So, maybe the Pearson Trick doesn't work on the second time taking the NCLEX?

Would greatly appreciate feedback on this please. CA doesn't have quick results and we can only find out via official letter or from the CA BRN license verification page. Many thanks in advance for your advice or guidance on this.

California just switched to a new online verification. The site was actually down a full week. Because of this many people are on the back burner and late showing up. Just be patient.

Thx. I'm really trying to be patient. I hear the stress people experience waiting two days for their results and I'm feeling it big time! Thanks again.


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CA results are down. As far as I know anyone who has tested from October 03rd and later here in CA still does not have any official results. I tested 10/09, good pop up but waiting patiently until the issues resolve. It is extremely frustrating, but it's out of our hands. I'm trying to keep myself busy

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i'm getting incredibly anxious waiting for the official results. its been 10 days already!

True. It's been 11 days so far. The Pearson Vue trick is my only glimmer of hope. Knowing that they are back logged gives me a little more patience. Trying to keep busy! After failing the first time, it really plays with my mind the second time around. Thanks everyone for your input on this.

I'm happy to report that The Pearson Trick DID work second time around! Three weeks of waiting and I finally know that I passed!