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does the pearson vue trick still work


i took my test at 8am and stopped at 95 questions. im almost positive i failed, i entered my CC info and hit submit and it popped up saying " sorry your already registered to take this exam,something along those lines" just wondering if its still acurate.

Took my nclex today with 180 questions

tried the trick and filled out cc info and hit submit and did not get the good pop up and I was-devastated

then got an email from the Bon saying I passed looked my name up and there was my license...

the trick does not always work I am living proof

so did it charge you the $200

what state do you live in that you get results that quick

To both Roxy and CCalkins:

In late August, the PVT changed. Or you could say the 'trick' as you knew it was eliminated; PearsonVue updated their software at that time.

People attempting 'the trick' will now ALWAYS be directed to the credit card page. For those who wish to risk a $200 investment, you might find that you can't proceed AFTER putting in your credit card number. That, to most doing this thing, indicates a passing result.

HOWEVER: You do risk being charged $200 even IF you passed, because you went ahead and put in a credit card number. Kinda obvious, I think, but some people....wel, some people can't be explained.

if your State participates in Quick Results, you can find out that way for certain if you passed the exam. Otherwise, you can play with the 'trick' scenario as described....and be prepared to pony up the $200 if you failed....or passed.

My friend received his letter yesterday that he passed and he did the PVT trick and couldn't process it.

Hi wat happend to your friends pvt? Coz i tried mine using unactivated cc.. And said "your payment was declined"