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Pearson Vue Trick did NOT work for me!

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Greetings all!

On 1/16/2015 I took the NCLEX-RN Exam. I sat at the computer for 6 hours and completed all 265 questions. When I left the test center, I felt completely blank... just mentally drained! However I was super curious to try the PVT, so 5 hours later I logged onto Pearson Vues website. I attempted the PVT and I got the Bad Pop Up. I was devastated, the bad pop up ruined my weekend. Over the weekend I prayed and prayed about the results, hoping that the PVT was inaccurate.

I talked to a few nursing friends and they convinced me to try the PVT AGAIN... so on Monday morning I attempted the PVT AGAIN and received the BAD POP UP. At this point I was completely depressed because I resigned from my job so I could have time to actually study. I put 100% into studying for the NCLEX. During that week I filled out applications for every "job" available, just hoping to get a interview.

Friday morning I started my day around 7AM filling out applications and emailing everyone I could in regards to a job. I paused my exhausting "job" search to check my email. AT 10:00 AM 1/23/2015 I received my RN License from the BON. I was so THANKFUL that the PVT was inaccurate and that I remained prayerful.

Please remain Prayerful, Avoid the PVT... because it is completely inaccurate and will cause you unnecessary stress. The energy I used toward finding a job could have been used for filling out applications for my Career as a RN.

-Stay Prayerful, Stay Positive....Best Wishes to you all!;)

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Congrats on passing NCLEX!!

About the PVT, it isn't 100% because it's a trick. The only thing that is accurate is a BoN stating you passed. From my experience, the PVT was accurate. I wouldn't say avoid the PVT but take into consideration that it isn't 100% accurate.

Wish you luck in job searching. I'm doing that myself.

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Everyone goes to the cc page now. You must put in your cc information and then submit to see if it charges you a good indication you failed or you get the good pop up. Rumor is some have been charged when in fact they passed. If you didn't submit your cc info, you didn't complete it to do the "trick". Congrats on passing !!!

Congratulations on passing!

Do you mind clarifying exactly what you saw when you got the "bad"'pop up? Did you enter all of your CC info, press submit, and get the message that you've been registered again? Because that is the new bad pop up.

Im asking because after the 24 hour mark, the PVT should be extremely accurate.

Thank you!