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Hi y'all,

I got a problem about my voucher slip from pearson vue it appeared my address was in the Philippines even though I reside now here in the US,I already changed my profile account.

My question is will I still be in trouble soon if my receipt was in wrong address even though if I already updated my profile account. Thanks! Hope somebody could answer me here.


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Are you talking about the page online? Never heard of a voucher slip. I believe that as long as your name matches your Drivers License/ID then you should be fine, but I would call Pearson Vue and ask them.


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Yeah thru online, what I mean was the confirmation receipt...and yeah I called them and asked about it the customer rep told me that my address was already changed. Im just worried about the receipt. Thanks nikkinism70s

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Receipt is a non- issue. There MIGHT have been a concern if your ATT had the wrong address but that would be easily fixed.

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