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does Pearson trick still works until now?


I tried the PVT and got the bad pop out:( I wanna cry especially I only answered 85 questions: ( I feel so dumb:(

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If you've just taken the exam and you're getting the CC page, wait about 24 hours and try again. This is because your exam has been scored only once and the 2nd scoring has not been done yet. That takes place later, probably as a batch, but that one is definitive and if you're still getting the CC page tomorrow night, chances are good that you've failed. If that happens, wait for the Candidate Performance Report (CPR) to come in because that will tell you where you had issues with the exam.

Failing isn't the end of the world... so try not to treat it like it is. Many nurses failed their first attempt at the NCLEX.

Yes: (

I keep on trying and still cc page: (

Thank you atleast there are some people get cc page passed: ) can't wait for 5weeks, it's driving me crazy: ( my family is expecting so much from me: (