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PeaceHealth RN Residency in Eugene/Springfield Oregon 2020


PeaceHealth RN Residency in Eugene/ Springfield Oregon 2020

I’m looking to get any feedback regarding the PeaceHealth Registered Nurse Residency in Eugene, Springfield and Vancouver (Riverbend, University and Southwest respectively). If anyone has participated in the program or knows how many people generally apply to the program vs spots available, it would be infinitely helpful to me!

I have received ICU offers in Washington at rural hospitals but would like to stay closer to Portland if possible. I have to either accept or decline these offers but am trying to gauge what my chances are at Peace Health before I do so.

Any insight would be wonderful. Thank you and enjoy your holiday weekends!


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Hi! I'm a new grad nurse currently in the same boat. I was just wondering if you ended up applying, and if you did then have you heard anything back? My application still says it's "Under Review" and was just wondering if that's ever gonna change. I haven't heard about anyone else hearing anything back yet.

Hi @nurseynurse21! Yes, did apply. Haven’t heard back but they said they’d get back to us first week of June so I’m hoping to hear by Friday. Then interviews mid June. Just wondering - how are you able to access your application? Ever since they changed the platform, I can’t review my old application status. Thanks!


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Okay great good to know! Fingers crossed to hear something this week then! I have been using the old careers site by clicking the link that was sent in the email confirming my application was submitted and then going to “Create/View Profile” and then clicking on the “Job Applications” tan and then under my application it says “Under Review”. Im assuming it’s still accurate because we submitted our applications via the old application site. But who knows!

I am also still waiting to hear back. :) Got my reference request last Thursday and completed over the weekend. Good luck!

@nurseynurse21 Just checked mine on the old platform and it says "Under Review" as well. Hopefully we hear by the end of this week or next!

@Nicole. @nurseynurse21 Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I heard from the SW campus in Vancouver (I applied to Eugene/Spring., Vancouver and Longview). They sent out a generic email a few minutes ago saying the hiring timeline has been effected due to COVID and the amount of applications. Nothing more specific than that. I haven't heard anything from the other locations yet. I put the Vancouver campus as my first choice considering I live in Portland but honestly I would relocate happily if needed. Did either of you apply to multiple locations? I'm wondering if they put you in the pile for only one opportunity or if you can interview with multiple campuses..

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I also applied for both and got the same e-mail. Not sure about the answer to your question, though!

@OregonRN91 I received an email this morning from the Riverbend hospital with interview times. Be on the lookout!

@nicole. Haven’t heard anything on my end but thank you so much for the update! Do you remember if you preferenced Vancouver or Riverbend first?

Vancouver. They could still be working out times? One of my interview times is TBD. Which units did you preference?

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I also applied to both and got the same email about a week or so ago from vancouver location. I also received an email today from springfield location that I was selected for an interview and that they are still waiting to find out available times to offer for appointments and that it will be held over microsoft teams.