PCT Schedule for Nursing Student


I am currently working as a Nurse Extern for the summer. I would like to stay on after the program ends as a full time pct since I have a child and bills. The nursing program I am in is an evening and weekend program with classes held on Tuesday and Thursday nights and clinicals on the weekend. I am wondering could I work night time shift with my school schedule or only work day shift?


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You could do either 1st or 3rd, it just depends on what would work for you.

You can also look into PRN; you can basically make your own schedule (and PRN employees generally make a few more dollars an hour).

I would do PRN, being a full time PCT is exhausting because of the long hours and constant running around. It seems easy to say it can be done but once you have to do those long shifts I think your day offs your not going to want to have to study or go to school. It's an exhausting job, work PRN, focus on school, do not let the job interfere with your ability to focus.


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I hoping to switch from my variable 24 hour shift 8 x 3 to a 12 x 3 7p-7a night shift for nursing school...if too much maybe drop to a 12 x 2 schedule.


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If it is any comfort to you, I am in nursing school, work part-time at a hospital and have a 6 m/o. I work overnight, two nights a week. Somedays I get off at 7:20am, rush home to change and nurse and rush to be at class by 9am. It's tough but a strong cup of coffee and my family keep me going. It's doable. Every week isn't like that for me. Two overnight shifts is my limit. If I have the time and energy I can always pick up a shift. There is always and opening at my hospital. I like it that way. One overnight shift is like working two days to me. I would say work 2x12 or even PRN. I do know some nurses that work 3x12, but they don't have kids or have lots of family to watch their kids, or their kids are grown so they don't have to worry about childcare. Good luck to you!