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PCT job hours?

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Hello! I have a question.. I'm currently attending training for a Patient Care Technician (phlebotomy, EKG, lab, etc). I'm learning a lot and I'm really excited. okay, to the question..

how many hours does a PCT work per shift? I would like to work in a hospital setting and I've always been curious to whether I'd work the same hours as a RN or if I'd have less hours. I live in Colorado if it helps.

Thank you for reading!

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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Generally 8 or 12 hour shifts. But it will vary based on the needs and the flow of the facility. In a hospital you would typically be hired for a set number of hours per week depending on the needs of the facility. Anywhere from 20-40 hours per week, or per diem (as needed) is typical. You may get hired for only 8 hour shifts, or only 12 hour shifts, or it may be variable. Some places may allow you to pick up 4 hour shifts if there is a need. You may get offered an evening shift, night shift, or day shift position, or may be required to rotate. It is completely dependent on how that facility is structured and what their staffing needs are.


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In my area it's typically 8 or 12 hour shifts, with the latter being more common. You can work full time, part time, or per diem which means you have to work "x" amount of hours or days within a certain period of time to remain in hire, but it's not a regular schedule.

I work full-time at a Level 1 Trauma Center. We work 12 hour shifts 3 times a week. We (RNs, Medics, PCTs, ClinTechs) all meet up before shift at the same time and leave at the same time. We have plenty of opportunities for overtime so people will work more than 3 days. Part-time will pick up and work more or less. I have never worked in a hospital that scheduled us less than 12 hrs. Overnights, we were given the option if it wasn't busy to leave after 8 hours.

Nurse580, MSN, RN

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I work Part Time Days (0.6) which equates to 3-8 hour shifts (0700-1500). Most PCT positions at my hospital are 12 hours (0700-1900). The 8 hour shifts would be, (0700-1500, 1500-2300, and 2300-0700). RN's have the same shifts and again, most work 12's. I live in Illinois. Hope this helps!

I'm coming from LTC to PCT how is it?

NICUmiiki, DNP, RN

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The CNAs/PCTs generally work the same schedules as the nurses around here. Usually 12 hour shifts either night or day. Some units have them do 8 hour shifts.

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I worked in LTC for three years and now I work in a hospital. Working in the hospital is way better. I learn to do a lot more things on the job than I did in LTC, such as basic wound care and doing bladder scans...etc. Most of my patients are ambulatory and a few are total cares. Plus, you get less patients and nurses are willing to help you clean up a patient or change beds. I work 12 hour shift three times a week and I get to make my own schedule to work around school.

The hospital is the way to go!

PRican, CNA

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Oh yeah and you get to float on different units. So far, I have been floated to Oncology, ICU, and ED. There is always something new to learn at the hospital.