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  1. want2behappy

    PCT job hours?

    I'm coming from LTC to PCT how is it?
  2. want2behappy

    Bon Secours New Grad

    Are you working with Bon Secours
  3. want2behappy

    Is this a good position?

    Hey All, So within a few weeks I'll be moving and I landed a job at one of the best hospitals I heard as a PRN Patient Tech -Float Pool. I wanted to know if anyone have experienced being prn or a float rather? If this is good choice to make ? I'm coming from a FT position. I'm worried about hours and if I'll do okay in a hospital. I'm coming from a Nurshing home setting as a CNA. Thanks for any reply and advice.
  4. want2behappy

    Doubts about being a nurse

    I feel the same way!
  5. want2behappy

    so confused. don't know what to do

    So true
  6. want2behappy

    so confused. don't know what to do

    There is one a hr away and then it's another 3 hrs away. I've applied to the one that's a hr away. Are you a nurse?
  7. want2behappy

    so confused. don't know what to do

    Thanks so much for responding! You don't know how much that means to me. But yes, I've been thinking of talking to advisor. I actually have an appointment me Monday! My fear of nursing is what I see on a daily, I'm worried I wouldn't be a good nurse and when in school when it becomes hard that I would back out and I don't want to because I'm sure that's how you all felt in school
  8. want2behappy

    so confused. don't know what to do

    Thanks so much for your advice! I actually do want to be in healthcare, that's all I've been interested in. I will look into a book about money management. I appreciate it. I just never felt like this before. I guess my fear of nursing is because I'm afraid of failure. I'm afraid that because it's hard I'll drop out or something and I don't want to but in the end I want to start a family and have a great career
  9. want2behappy

    so confused. don't know what to do

    Hello to all. I'm going through this quarter life crisis. I'm looking at all my friends who've graduated, got a place, cars, etc. I'm currently a cna (3yrs) and I'm still with my parents. I'll be 25 this year and I just feel so down and out. I want to get out of this cna . My whole attitude has changed. The environment at my job just makes me not want to be a nurse. The nurses there are always complaining. I've applied to radiology twice and didn't get in. I'm looking at OTA but worried about job opportunities once I finished. I try not worry but it's time for a change and I don't know what direction to take. Any ideas out there, I would love all feedback