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I am excited that I have been accepted to Bellarmine ABSN program for this May, but trying to temper my enthusiasm a bit due to financial considerations. I filled out the FAFSA and my EFC was said to be around $12,000! First of all, there is no way we could afford this. I have not been working the past few years, but instead have been staying home with two young children. The economic condiditons have also greatly deteriorated in my former professional field, also leaving me with no job. Not only can we not contribute much to the tuition, but I am close to the lifetime max on student loans, unfortunately. Although my husband and I have decent credit, I am worried that private loans are probably freezing up right now (not that I am excited about more debt). I will apply for hospital scholarships but I'm sure that even if I get one, it will only cover a small fraction of the cost. Has anyone paid for this program, and how did you do it?

In case some would suggest that I apply to other programs, I would have to wait so long that the opportunity cost might be too high. In normal conditions, I could work for a year or two while completing prereq's for other schools, but I have applied for many jobs in my former field and have gotten nowhere over the past year. Moving is also not an option right now.

I feel like I am getting an incredible opportunity and would hate to pass it up. I actually worked a long time ago while in college as ER Tech as a pre-med student but regretfully, got a degree in a different field (wished I had applied to nursing school instead). As a matter of fact, I have also applied for those kind of jobs too, but gotten no response. I don't know if finishing the CNA this month will help.



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I'm waiting on a response to your question because I'm in the same situation as you are. It's such a wonderful school, I hear great things, but I'm not a traditional student either, I'm a grown woman with a husband and a mortgage, car notes and a baby on the way..But they say, where there's a will theres a way. Good luck to you, I hope you find the money you need.


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Well, I'm probably not the response you're looking for but I'm the real thing. I also, was accepted into Bellarmine's program. I started January 2006 and I loved the school. You truly get your monies worth. At the time I was working as ER Tech as well and after one semester I had to drop the program. There was no way I could possibly afford the tuition. After, all my grants and Stafford loan I needed a personal loan which for me was not an option. And I left Bellarmine with debt owed to the school. I took it very hard when I had to leave their program because I simply could not afford it. I honestly dont have any hard feelings toward the staff at Bellarmine but from day one I had great concern about the cost and many times I was told by staff to not worry about it, there was money out there to help cover the cost. Well I tried everything... and it just didn't work out for me but you may be able to get more help than me. Now, I do know many of the students at Bellarmine were Norton Scholars, received grant money, Stafford loans, and had help from their parents. At the time, I was 21 and one of the oldest people in the programs so many student were still living under their parents income as newly high school grads. I honestly, don't know a solution for paying tuition at Bellarmine. I think it's the best Nursing programs a student could ask for but for many it's just not financially sound. I wish you luck! Oh, another thing, yes a CNA will help you get a ER Tech position. It was required where I worked.

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Bellarmine is a great school...I work there part-time! Look around, there may be other institutions that will pay for it. Someone mentioned Norton's and I know they help a lot of the students. As for the CNA, it will help out with the basics; bp's, bed bath's, personal protection equipment, etc. Oh and the military is an option, they are always looking for Reservists. Two of my colleagues one a mother of two, mid 40's is getting some 50K, and the other fella late 20's with two babies and a wife will get approximately the same deal plus paid tuition for future school. Just a thought.. Good Luck and hopefully 'Welcome to Bellarmine'.


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I have been accepted into Bellarmines may 2010 accelerated nursing program. Can you give me some advice on the program, techers, intensity.


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Well, as a clinical instructor for the last 3 years there I can tell you that they stay very busy! I'm biased of course, but they have some very compassionate, interesting, and intelligent teachers there who go out of their way to ensure that students get an excellent education. From what I've heard, I would not try to work while going to school, there is just not enough time to keep up. Congratulations and good luck!


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I am accepted into Bellarmine's Accel program for 2010 as well. It is SUPER expensive, and although I am applying for scholarships, Norton is no longer accepting any more students and Jewish only pays a maximum of $24,000! (which means there is still appx $25,000 that needs to be covered.) I am waiting to hear back from U of L's accel program and won't know if I get into theirs until after Bellarmine's begins! I'm not really sure what I should do :( I would LOVE to start nursing school this year and U of L is half the cost, but it's also a lot harder to get into....And by the time I will know if I did/did not get in, Bellarmine will have already started. Any suggestions?


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I have also been accepted to Bellarmine's Accelerated Nursing Program for May. I was so disappointed to hear that Norton didn't have any openings for the Norton Scholars program. Now I'm applying for the educational loan program at Jewish. I'm also considering the VA hospital but don't know much about the facility. This Bellarmine program is very expensive but it will be worth it in the end as it is only a year. I'm excited to get started next week!


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You absolutely can't work. It's very intense. Basically a full time job.


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It was worth the money to me to go to Bellarmine and be done in only a year.

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