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Pay rates for this area??

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Hi guys, I was wondering what the salary rates are for RN's in Labor and Delivery in the Phx area? I may be doing a travel assignment and I want to know if the pay rate they are offering me is the right amount. Some agencies have offered me 27/hr and some up to 30/hr...but i thought RNs were in high demand in phx and I thought it would be higher than that rate for a travel nurse since as a regular nurse i make close to 30 now. Anyway, if anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it. Thanx!!!!


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There is a great demand for nurse's in AZ. But if you're new to the area or a new nurse, too many people listen to what recruiters tell you about the wages. Very experienced nurses in AZ average about 27-28/hour.

I'm not sure how much they pay travel nurses, or if they even pay them more for L&D, but if you are going to work as a travel nurse here you really have to know your stuff. I work L&D and we've had several travel nurses who have been dropped because they couldn't catch on quick enough. There's only about a two day orientation and then they're expected to know how to chart (computer charting) and everything else. If you're unfamiliar with the system it's really hard to catch on quickly.

The wages here may be a little lower than other parts of the country, but up until about two years ago it was very affordable to live here so it wasn't a problem. We had a massive rise in housing prices two years ago but the wages haven't caught up yet.

Good luck, we do need nurses out here!!


Very experienced nurses in AZ average about 27-28/hour.

Not sure what 'very experienced' means but those #'s are low. Five years experience gets about $31/hr. New RN grads make $25.hr.

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If you're getting $27/hour as a "very experienced nurse", then I would look elsewhere!! That's about what I'm making and I've only been a nurse for not quite 2 years.

I guess it depends on the area too, but in Phx, those numbers are LOW!

To the OP, check out http://www.salary.com for more information.

I am a new grad L&D making $25 and I know several that graduated with me that externed and are already up to $26. AZ is desperate for nurses and i would definitly negotiate. If you have years of experience, you should be able to get closer to $35. I have talked with other travellers out of curiosity and they are all paid in the 30's. Good luck.

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