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Hi everyone,

I hope you don't think this question is stupid :imbar

I am graduating December 7th and am hoping to start in ICU. I am applying at the hospitals with the longest and best internship/orientation programs. My question is, do you get paid while orienting and taking the hospitals critical care classes? What about new graduate internship programs?

Thanks for your help!


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yes you do get paid while orienting, and most hospitals do pay while you attend their classes,inservices etc.

good luck with your new career!

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You are paid, hospitals are great about that. I recently had an experience when the facility tried to bump down my wage to STNA which I told them was unacceptable since I am an RN. They did not have an employee to orient me, all agency staff, which is not my fault. I told them NO thanks...........

You will get a good orientation I am sure,,


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When I was in orientation, I got just my base pay (no differentials for shift/weekend) and it showed up as education hours on my pay stub.


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You most definately get paid! But like konni said, no differentials or anything.

Even now, if I attend an inservice or a meeting during my off hours, I always let the schedule person know, and I get paid for it. Shows up as education hours.

And between you and me, I'm only part-time anyways, and I ALWAYS attend these meetings and inservices on days I don't work. Why should I perform 2 duties for them for the price of one? ;)


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Check w/union if it's at that hosp--you should get paid @ the rate of the position you are hired in at. [hmmm, sl grammar prob, hope it's clear]. Our orientees were paid regular salary for classes, when they were on orientation in the unit, they followed their preceptors schedule (usually), if the preceptor worked weekends or nights, so did the orientee (orientees were split between days and nights, when they were through w/intermediate care orientatio, they swapped shifts), and they got differentials.

The facility is making an investment by training you, that involves paying you, too.

Don't spend it all in one place! :D


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I got paid my base salary for classes.... at the time i was still a GN but got paid the RN salary..... when you do patient care .... even if you are still orienting with your preceptor i got shift dif/weekend dif then.

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