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Patients and the race card

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I have had this happen- I had a patient in the TCU I work at demand his motorized scooter and yelled "If I was white you know darn well it would have been here a week ago!"

Um no, sorry sir, you are not allowed to have your scooter cuz you are a 90 yr old patient with alzheimers who injured yourself on said scooter, which landed you in this TCU to begin with :rolleyes:

One interesting thing though is an African-American patient who I worked with who I was told refuses cares from white or African nurses ( my TCU has quite a few CNAs, LPNs, and RNs from Liberia and Somlia)

This intrigued me....I worked with hime just dandy though, despite being white, and I don't know what about my manner made me different but we got along just fine *shrugs*

Don't hate me because i'm white, hate me for me???? How's that?