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Hello all from the confused daughter of a patient. My mom has been on Jevity for 8 years now, fed through a drip all night long, peg site. For years she hooked herself up at night at bedtime etc... Read More

  1. by   Muffy5
    I agree with the poster that stated you should speak to the DON about getting a MD order to administer the tube feeding and to put it in the care plan. We like to see our patients able to do these things themselves (if able). It keeps them independent and gives them a sense of control.

    I'm sorry you're going through this and the DON has been of no help!
  2. by   tracyIngalls
    Hello again

    Well we have decided to move my mother. It is too far from my home and work but actually will be 20 minutes closer for my sister each way. We have visited the new facility and were assured that they will have no problems with the feedings, in fact they said they seldom use "temp" nurses. We spoke with another patient who refered us to her local doctor there in town and my mom's current doctor knows him and gave the thumbs up. So while I will be doing a lot more driving, I already feel a little less stressed about the whole situation.

    One problem though is that my mother now has an open pressure wound. I guess we need to find out if the new facility will accept her with this wound, if not this would be a real letdown. Mom REALLY wants to get out of the current place and when we told her she has to wait for an open bed at the new place, she said "I'll sleep in the hall".

    Thanks again and I'll try to keep you posted.
  3. by   caliotter3
    I agree with georgianurse that there is no excuse not to get the feedings started on time. I have had, up to 20 or so, feedings to start and keep track of at different times, with my residents and managed to do so, along with my med passes and other duties. Where there is a will, there is a way.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Hope your mom is able to move to the new facility. Sounds as if it will be better for her and the family.
  5. by   VeronicaWileyRN
    I am sorry to hear that she has developed a pressure sore, but at the same time I am not surprised. I still suggest that you call and report this facility to the state complaint people. The new facility should not have an issue with taking your mother with a wound, but until you get her moved be very vigilant, because the wound can get worse. She could get septic and end up in the hospital. Make them show you the wound if you can stand to look at the area. Some people can't. Good Luck. Keep us in the loop with the move.
  6. by   tracyIngalls
    Hello again

    My mom did get worse, she is in the hospital with sepsis and other problems. I wanted to come back and thank you all and to thank Veronica for telling me to be vigilant about her open wound. It looked to me like it was getting worse and when her temp got up to 100.5 the nurse poo-pooed the idea that she needed to go to the hospital "yet" but I decided not to take any chances. At the hospital they said that she has a good chance but only because we got her there right away. She has been in the hospital for about 8 days now and seems to be a lot better though the wound is worrysome still. Her spirits are much better now that she is getting better care.
    Hopefully we will get her into the other facility when she is discharged from the hospital, they still have a bed available. If not I will take her home and take a family care leave from work. She does have Veteran's benefits that will help with home care.
    And yes I am filing a complaint with the state regarding her previous facility.

    Thank you for your concerns and for your good wishes, she is a trouper!
  7. by   VeronicaWileyRN
    I am sorry to hear that your mother got sicker. If you take her home, home health can help you with a bed, special mattress, shower chair, lift etc. Good luck. Please do remember to make a complaint to the state.
  8. by   tewdles
    Your mother is lucky to have you as not only as her daughter but also as her advocate just now!
  9. by   systoly
    I'm way late (just came across this thread. What happened to having residence function at their highest level and independence ?
  10. by   honeykrown
    I am even later in this post and im almost in tears with what your mother had to go through. I hear people saying dont touch the pump and the nurses might not get to put the feeding quickly cos of no of patient. Im thinking if this lady is willing to start the pump, its one less work for you to do. We do it in Home health all the time.

    I do hope your mum is better now and the wound has healed. And i hope you did report the facility because i do not even want my enemy in this place
  11. by   NurseHopefulInOH
    This story made me tear up as well! I am very sorry this happened to you and your family and I assure you not all nursing facilities are like this one! I was under the impression that though Jevity is not a "medication" it is to be given with the same time restrictions (one hour before or after administration time). Thus not giving it till2-3 hrs later or not at all would be a med error and negligence.... am I right in this thinking? I am a new nurse and only know the policies & procedures for my facility. I was told the Ensure and Glucerna shakes were the same way. I had several residents that would perform procedures on themselves and each had Dr's order stating they could do so. ie: Colostomy bag changes ( of course I would observe to assess stoma site). It just blows my mind that they could not figure out how to use the pump and just left it at that. I had 2 PEG tube residents (and about 30-40 more PO residents!) and being night shift I changed their entire bag/tubing setup every single night! If you can;t figure something out there should be a manager or RN on duty or that can be called to assist! I'm sorry I just had to rant after reading this! I wish your family the best and am really sorry this happened. She is very lucky to have a family like yours.
  12. by   monkeesilly
    In the hospitals around here (New Mexico) Jevity is concidered a medication... anything going in the body should be don by hospital staff, i.e. RN, LPN.. is your mothers doctor part of the nursing home, or is he/she a private doctor?? If he/she is part of the nursing home staff, then the doctor would be best to talk to the staff because his/her orders are not being brought out. If I were you, as a daughter I would look for any other means to change nursing homes if you have looked at your options and other things are not getting done. If the nursing home does consider Jevity as a medication they should have to administer it within a certain time frame just like "regular" medications.. If your mother needs something like a feeding tube and the staff is unaware how to use it etc, I would not leave her there for the reason that is how she is going to live.. If I may, if you and your sister are staying there all the time to watch the incompetent staff, then why not just take her home?? You might be able to have a home health come in and it be the same price?? not sure, right now I am doing home health and I do tube feedings for my client.. so if you wok full time, maybe you could get a home health company in just for that time. It doesn't have to be a nurse. I am a home health aide. Maybe you should try something like that??
  13. by   blueheaven
    These people need reported. As the OP stated on page 1, there are channels you can go through. You should not be expected to hire a nurse while your mother is a pt. there. Jevity is considered a medication and by not administering it properly, that is an error.