What are PCT/PCA pay rates in your area?

  1. I plan to work as a PCA while competing my pre-nursing classes. What is the average starting wage for PCAs in your area? Anybody know what the average pay in NJ is?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   thelittledoe
    I'm in Western Central NJ (just above Trenton). Starting pay is $12/hr for a PCA working per diem with a $1.50 shift differential. Working PT or FT will get you less pay (but probably more benefits, I don't get any for per diem). Day shift is paid the least while evening is more and night is the most. Unfortunately you could make more in some other job without any certs, but if you love the work then its a great job. Also great if you plan to go to nursing school. PCTs make a little bit more but they have to be EKG and phlebotomy certified.. Hope this helps!
  4. by   Compassion_x
    I work in an LTC and starting pay for CNA is 11.75, plus about a dollar shift differential, for 2nd not sure about 3rd.
  5. by   ShockEmRN
    I started off at my hospital with $13 without differential for the float pool unit in Texas.
  6. by   tpjpjp
    In PA at a hospital that started me at 13.02 with a .90 differential for 3rd shift 11p to 7a
  7. by   BlueChocolateCat
    I work in northeast ohio and I was hired at $11.00 an hour with a 50 cent shift differential for after 2:00 pm. I am part time with little experience prior to being hired. Likewise, the hospital I was hired at is a smaller community hospital system. Float pool people make more money than myself.
  8. by   IHeartPeds87
    I'm a PCT at a hospital and I make 13.48 base pay not including differential (5% nights, 8% weekends).
  9. by   thats so awesome
    I'm a PCA in southern California at a hospital. I started off with 12.35 with 0.95 differential for nights and an additional 0.95 for weekends. 2 years later I work day shift and make 13.65.
  10. by   CarlyBelle
    I live in New York, I have not started to work as one but I have asked around and done some search. In average I can say that the most I've gotten to nail down as average pay is $15, but of course for a new PCT the pay may be less (?). I was at the hospital getting my physical done (exactly for school when I finished my PCT program) and I dared to ask the PCT taking my blood about her job, with lots of respect I let her know I had just finished my program and was a little interested in knowing more about the position from someone experienced, she was very nice, told me it's a great place to start off & I was a little surprised when she told me $20/hr is her pay because she works through private agency. Until now I am still wondering if this part is true though.
  11. by   FirefighterDoug
    ER tech at a level 3 in So Cal. Started at 14.50 plus 2.00 NOC. Most new hires will start out lower it all depends on experience. At the level 1 I worked at in Portland,OR I started of at 11.25 plus 1.00 evening and 2.00 NOC. When I left after 6 years I was at 16.25 plus diffs.
  12. by   FutureRNGreen
    anywhere from 12-15 in charleston sc
  13. by   btrflieye
    Thank you everybody! I just finished up week 3 of my course and am loving it!
  14. by   RosaleiMae
    I worked as a Level 3 ED tech in NYS, about 9yrs ago, my base was $13.50 not including differentials and I worked ON w/ my hourly at close to $15 give/take.